Van & Truck Hire in North London with Sixt

Sometimes you have specific needs, and a car simply won’t cut it. Whether for business or for personal use, such as moving houses, you can get everything you need from your van hire in North London here with SIXT. Choose from an amazing fleet of vehicles from some of the world’s top manufacturers including Iveco and Ford and enjoy fantastic customer service from our team and competitive pricing across our range. Get the job done and have the perfect vehicle to do it with North London van hire from SIXT. 

Small Van Hire

When you are looking to make a small move or pick up a piece of furniture, our small hire vans will do the job just right.

  • Example vehicle: Ford Transit Custom or similar
  • Loading space: 2.57 x  1.7 x 1.25 m
  • Payload: 852 kg
  • Euro Pallets: 2
  • Driver's age: from 21 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Medium Van Hire

If you are looking for more space and moving power, then our medium-sized hire vans are perfect.

  • Example Vehicle: Ford Transit 3.5T Large or similar
  • Loading space: 3.35 x 1.78 x 1.89 m
  • Payload: 1313 kg
  • Euro Pallets: 4
  • Driver's age: from 21 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Luton Van Hire

If you need serious power, size and performance consider hiring one of our large hire vans.

  • Example vehicle: Ford Transit 3.5 T Luton Box + taillift or similar
  • Loading space: 3.95 x 1.96 x 2.13 m
  • Euro Pallets: 6
  • Payload: 988 kg
  • Driver's age: from 25 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Medium Van Hire

With plenty of space, this truck is suitable for larger projects and still comfortable to drive.

  • Example Vehicle: VW Crafter 3.5T Extra Large or similar
  • Loading space: 4.22 x 1.78 x 2.03 m
  • Payload: 1111 kg
  • Euro Pallets: 5
  • Driver's age: from 23 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Good to know when renting a van in North London

Which documents are needed to rent a van in London?

To rent a van, you just need to bring your driving licence and 2 forms of proof of address that are from no longer than 3 months ago.  If you're living outside of the UK, you will also need to bring your passport

What payment methods are accepted for van rentals?

Credit cards are the main form of payment for vans and they need to be in the name of the main renter.

Can I drive a van with a regular licence?

You can hire all of our SIXT vans with a regular car driving licence. With a full, B category car licence, you can drive any van wighing up to 3.5 tonnes and all of our vehicles are under this weight.

What are the benefits of hiring a van in North London?

Room for cargo

Space is the number one advantage when hiring a van, letting you easily transport plenty of items in ease.

Convenient location

Our friendly team at SIXT is based at various branches around the UK capital, so you can always find someone to help with your van hire in North London.

Hired fleet

Corporate customers can enjoy a ranged fleet, from small vans to delivery vans, without committing to maintenance and storage.


Whether it’s a moving van or a van with a low loader, you can get the vehicle you need for as long as you need it. Hired fleet

Find a van suitable for every need

  • Ford Transit: Moving to a new house is inevitably a stressful process, so it makes things easier by booking a moving van in North London through SIXT. Enjoy plenty of space for all your things as well as a comfortable experience for both the driver and passengers as you make your way to your new home. 
  • VW Crafter: Does your business have delivery requirements, but not on a regular basis? A delivery van is the solution. With top models from the likes of Ford, Peugeot and Iveco, you can get a reliable vehicle for when you need it most and then drop it off when the job is done, letting the team at SIXT worry about maintenance and storage and you focus on growing your business. 
  • Ford Transit Taillift: Sometimes bigger is better. That’s when you need a large van. Offering plenty of space and easy loading, they are essential for jobs when other sizes simply don’t cut it. Choose from a flexible hire period and enjoy everything a great large van can offer.