Flexible van hire in Milton Keynes

With SIXT you have the flexibility to choose the type of van hire in Milton Keynes that will meet your needs. Depending on how much you’re wanting to transport, you can hire anything from a delivery van size to a small- or medium-sized truck. The largest will fit up to 3.5 tonnes of cargo. If you need a van with a low loader, we can offer those too, complete with a tail lift. We’re easy to find at prominent locations in the town centre, like Milton Keynes Central Station. We provide an ultra-reliable Ford or VW models. Hire the van only for as long as you need, be that for an hour or two or even seasonal projects. 

Small Van Hire

When you are looking to make a small move or pick up a piece of furniture, our small hire vans will do the job just right.

  • Example vehicle: Ford Transit Custom or similar
  • Loading space: 2.57 x  1.7 x 1.25 m
  • Payload: 852 kg
  • Euro Pallets: 2
  • Driver's age: from 21 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Medium Van Hire

If you are looking for more space and moving power, then our medium-sized hire vans are perfect.

  • Example Vehicle: Ford Transit 3.5T Large or similar
  • Loading space: 3.35 x 1.78 x 1.89 m
  • Payload: 1313 kg
  • Euro Pallets: 4
  • Driver's age: from 21 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Luton Van Hire

If you need serious power, size and performance consider hiring one of our large hire vans.

  • Example vehicle: Ford Transit 3.5 T Luton Box + taillift or similar
  • Loading space: 3.95 x 1.96 x 2.13 m
  • Euro Pallets: 6
  • Payload: 988 kg
  • Driver's age: from 25 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Medium Van Hire

With plenty of space, this truck is suitable for larger projects and still comfortable to drive.

  • Example Vehicle: VW Crafter 3.5T Extra Large or similar
  • Loading space: 4.22 x 1.78 x 2.03 m
  • Payload: 1111 kg
  • Euro Pallets: 5
  • Driver's age: from 23 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Good to know when hiring a van in Milton Keynes

Which type of driving licence do I need to drive a SIXT van in Milton Keynes?

To hire a moving van, you’ll need a category B3 driving licence, and present two types of proof of address. Non-UK residents will require a passport too. 

How many doors do SIXT vans have?

All our van models have two doors with 3 seats at the front, as well as a loading bay at the back with either twin doors or a single. 

What payment methods are accepted for van hire?

You can pay for van hire with almost all major credit cards. This category doesn’t qualify for debit card payment. 

Where can I hire a van in Milton Keynes?

What are the benefits of hiring a van in Milton Keynes?

Flexible hire periods

You can tailor you van hire for as long or as short a time as you need. Hire one by the hour or keep it for a week or longer.

Van hire for those under 25

We have van hire categories for drivers from the age of 21, with choices expanding for ages 23 and older. 

Comfortable modern features

SIXT van hire offers the latest models. We constantly update and refresh our fleet to offer you the latest features.

Discounts for corporate customers

Our corporate clients enjoy reduced van hire prices, with the benefit of not having to expend their own resources on maintenance. 

Find a van suitable for every need

  • Quick transport for lightweight items - When all you need is a van to move compact loads or smaller items of furniture, we have the right models, such as a small van or a slightly larger transit van. These are the most manoeuvrable and convenient options. 
  • Transport heavier, more unwieldy loads - You can choose a larger transit van or smallish truck for your serious cargo transport needs, which can take up to 3.5 tonnes. For ease of loading and unloading choose one with a Luton box and tail lift. 
  • Hire a van for long-term jobs - Our van hire in Milton Keynes also gives private and corporate clients the ability to take a long-term lease. This provides round-the-clock transportation abilities to handle bigger projects more efficiently. 


  • We are located throughout London making pickup and drop off easy. Customize your times and allocate the best route! Our rental periods are flexible, from one hour to long-term. 
  • We want to help you. Let us ease the burden by offering moving extras including straps, trollies, and a pack of other utensils aimed in assisting you. 
  • We trust our customers and happily rent our smaller vans to under 25’s with our heavier and bigger vans starting at the age of 25.  
  • Our versatile range of vans suit any need allowing our business customers to scale to their specifications. There’s never a need to worry about MOTs or repairs with SIXT.  
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  • VW Caddy Van – Small, compact but large enough to get a small amount of furniture or a good amount of stacked goods or other such items. It’s light and has great control. 
  • Ford Transit 280 Panel – Great for small businesses with its bigger loading space. It has good handling and a fuel-efficient engine. Perfect for big transport on a lighter budget.  
  • Ford Transit 350 Panel – Still compact but good for enterprises or perhaps moving a modest amount of furniture. It has a more space with a higher roof so bigger items are fitted with ease. 
  • VW Crafter 35 L – A highly sought after medium sized van with incredible performance. If you’re doing a big move and plan to maneuver city streets this could be for you. Perfect for supply companies or moving flats.