Van Hire in Bristol With SIXT!

If you want to hire a van in Bristol SIXT is here to help. With our easy to reach location, range of top-quality vans, flexible bookings and great prices you transport needs are all but solved. We want to make your booking easy so if you’re moving supplies from home to university, or travelling to organise an event and need to move equipment, then you can pick up or drop off in any of our branches in the UK including Bristol. 

Van Categories


When you are looking to make a small move, our small rental vans will do the job just right.

  • Loading space: 68 x 48 x 47 in
  • Payload: 1378 lb
  • Driver's age: from 21 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **
  • Example vehicle: VW Caddy or similar
vw caddy weiss 2018


If you are looking for more space and moving power, then our medium-sized hire vans are perfect.

  • Loading space: 132 x 70 x 74 in
  • Payload: 2895 lb
  • Driver's age: from 21 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **
  • Example Vehicle: Ford Transit 350 Panel
ford transit kasten weiss 2015


If you need serious power, size and performance consider hiring one of our larger vans.

  • Loading space: 156 x 77 x 84 in
  • Payload: 2178 lb
  • Driver's age: from 25 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **
  • Example vehicle: Ford Transit Luton - taillift
ford transit luton kasten weiss sx 2006

Why Hire With SIXT?

  • With locations all over the UK we can make your journey flexible and easy, decide the pickup, drop-off and what times for each. We can hire vans from one hour to long-term. 

  • Moving or transporting can be difficult enough. Luckily, we want to take some of the load off and offer anything you might need from Sat-Navs to trollies.  

  • Students, musicians, organisers and other young professionals can rent the smaller vans at just 21 years old and some of our mid-size vans at just 23. 

  • If you’re running a business and need multiple vans then we can specify and scale to your needs. With SIXT you also don’t have to worry about organising MOT’s and we have extensive coverage plans in case of accidents.  

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The SIXT Van Fleet

The SIXT Van Fleet

  • VW Caddy Van - Perfect for lighter cargo with a 1378 lb. payload. A great truck hire with reliable handling typical for any VW vehicle.  
  • Ford Transit 280 Panel – A larger van hire with a payload of 1878 lb. and a powerful engine. This is a great Bristol van hire as younger drivers with a lot to transport, such as students, can drive it at just 21 years of age.  
  • Ford Transit 350 Panel – Also good for younger drivers but allocates more space with a higher roof. It has good handling for a small truck of its size and has a large payload of 2895 lb. 
  • VW Crafter 35 L – Another of our small truck category the VW Crafter is excellent for long journeys with a comfortable cockpit and smooth performance. It has a 2449 lb. payload, perhaps good for event organisers or musicians.  
  • Ford Transit Luton – taillift – This is our biggest van hire with maximised storage space and a payload of 2178 lb. This is perfect for storing and transporting the heaviest and largest items long distance.