Van Hire Ilford

For a high-quality van rental service in Ilford, look no further than Sixt. With a huge selection of vans available, any job you need to complete in Ilford is made as easy as possible. Van rental is made easy with Sixt, just book your rental for Ilford online and sit back and wait for your vehicle to be ready.

Van Categories


When you are looking to make a small move, our small rental vans will do the job just right.

  • Loading space: 68 x 48 x 47 in
  • Payload: 1378 lb
  • Driver's age: from 21 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **
  • Example vehicle: VW Caddy or similar
vw caddy weiss 2018


If you are looking for more space and moving power, then our medium-sized hire vans are perfect.

  • Loading space: 132 x 70 x 74 in
  • Payload: 2895 lb
  • Driver's age: from 21 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **
  • Example Vehicle: Ford Transit 350 Panel
ford transit kasten weiss 2015


If you need serious power, size and performance consider hiring one of our larger vans.

  • Loading space: 156 x 77 x 84 in
  • Payload: 2178 lb
  • Driver's age: from 25 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **
  • Example vehicle: Ford Transit Luton - taillift
ford transit luton kasten weiss sx 2006

Sixt Self Drive Van Hire in Ilford

Sixt offers this low-cost rental service to you with a guarantee that you will be happy with the service provided and that you will find the vehicle you need. So no matter what job you are trying to complete, Sixt is here to help. With this Ilford van hire, you need to pick a vehicle that is right for your project. You need a vehicle that is large enough to carry your load, but not so big the van is difficult to manoeuvre. The selection of vans we have at Ilford, UK gives you plenty to choose from.

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Rely on Sixt Van Hire in Ilford

Rely on Sixt Van Hire in Ilford

Moving house in Ilford will be hassle-free with the help of Sixt's fantastic van rental services. This low-cost van hire in Ilford, UK, is perfect for anyone looking for a great deal. The low costs don't mean you miss out on anything, in fact, we can offer many extra products to make the job you are doing much easier. Take for example our moving package, where we supply barrows, boxes and heavy-duty bags to make your life a little easier.

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