Start Your Car Subscription in London

Welcome to SIXT+ in London. Our new service is a money-saving way to have full-time access to a car for as long as you need it. With flat monthly payments agreed upon during a quick registration your car subscription in London is ready. Our economic class vehicles are perfect for tight parking while our business class saloons really make an impression. Don’t worry about down payments, maintenance or any other cost-consuming factors. Once you’ve registered, your car is ready to be picked up. All vehicles are new and can be exchanged each month. Besides the monthly rate the only thing you pay is the petrol. The service is not annually binding and can be cancelled any time.

How our car subscription service works

  • Using our website or the SIXT app start the registration and select your desired vehicle class, pick-up place and time, along with any extra features or miles (300 included as standard) you might need.  
  • Like a gym membership or most other subscriptions, you’ll have a fixed monthly payment. You can cancel your subscription at any time for free.
  • Go to the arranged pickup location. We will email you the exact address or you can find it on the SIXT app.
  • Once you’re there just grab the keys and you’re ready to go. You won’t have to worry about getting a service or MOT and to end your contract simply return your car to the branch.

When is a car subscription in London worth it?

For Weekend Trips

It can always be useful having the extra space to take either a group of friends or families out for a day. Sometimes though the practicality of owning a car isn’t the same as having one. With a car subscription you can have either an extra vehicle or one of our 4x4 cars for a few months and even longer. With extra wheels or a car with extra space you can fit in daytrips out to the country, or weekend beach trips away. The best part? You’re not committed to yearly long leases, wear and tear damages, or any MOT costs. Simply have the car as long as you need, so you can fit more into your life.

Perfect for Projects

If you’re working freelance or simply working temporarily in hard to reach areas, a SIXT+ car subscription could be the perfect option. For many industries, such as film or construction, you might have to work at a remote area that even public transport will struggle to reach. Having a car in your possession, in which you only need to pay monthly, is great for these scenarios as you can save money and use the vehicle for only as long as the job lasts. You also get the benefit of driving something new and comfortable for those daily commutes as our vehicles are at a maximum 3 months old. Without having to commit to a lease or purchase a car subscription you can still make sure you’re covered in transport for those new and exciting projects.

For Bigger Families

Is your family expanding? When moving to a new house or adding new members to the family you may need an extra car. This can be especially true if you’re planning on upgrading the current family car but need a little time, or simply what to test what’s out there. It’s oftentimes that the car you’re waiting to buy has a waiting period. For these stretches it can be a good idea to opt for a SIXT+ Car Subscription. You can test what it’s like having a bigger vehicle, or an extra car, without the long-term commitment, saving money until you’re ready for purchase. Even as families can grow, little grow too and may need transport for studies or work. If a member of the family needs a set of wheels but only for a certain period of time consider a car subscription as it’s easy, quick and simple to cancel.

FAQs: Frequently asked Questions about Car Subscription in London

What costs can I expect?

Besides petrol and the agreed upon monthly payment - none! We handle coverage, maintenance and any other technical aspects of car ownership. Our rates are also fixed

Will I get a new car?

Of course! Our cars are a maximum of 3 months old. Instead of leasing or buying, where the car will decrease in value, you’ll always be driving a brand-new vehicle.