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Monthly rate, all inclusive, cancel at any time.*

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Your advantages with SIXT+ Car Subscription

No purchasing costs*

  • No high buying costs
  • No financing charges
  • No vehicle depreciation

Stay flexible*

  • Available now
  • Swap your vehicle up to once a month*
  • Cancel on a monthly basis*

All inclusive*

  • Including auto-liability, comprehensive coverage and theft protection
  • Including routine maintenance & wear
  • Including basic free mileage package

Discover your car subscription

How to subscribe

  • 1
    configure your subscription

    Configure the subscription, select the pickup date and desired location and easily complete it online or in the Sixt app.

  • 2
    Vehicle pickup

    Pick up your car at your Sixt branch on the confirmed pickup date - you will receive the exact address by email or find it in the app.​

  • 3
    Get in & drive off

    Just drive off, we’ll take care of everything else.

  • 4
    Drop the car anytime

    You simply cancel your contract by returning the vehicle to your Sixt branch.

Always included with SIXT+


    Your car is fully registered and ready to drive from day one – without any additional paperwork.

    All routine maintenance and wear and tear costs are also covered.​​
  • MONTHLY cancellation option

    You can cancel your subscription anytime by returning the vehicle.

    Add as many extras as you like with any renewal.
  • Included MILEAGE

    Basic free mileage package. Upgrade monthly according to your needs.​
  • PREMIUM-FLEET & latest model years

    Choose from our premium models and always get a vehicle from current or last model year.​
  • Immediate availability

    Start your subscription in no time. Only five days advance booking time.
  • Protection

    Auto-liability and loss damage waiver with basic excess included. Simply add additional coverage as required.


Say no to the things you dislike about car ownership. Drive flexibly, carefree and within your budget with SIXT+. The monthly rate includes everything you need to start driving right away.

Vehicle purchase/ leasing​
Sixt+Vehicle purchase/ leasing​
Vehicle sales taxIncluded£££
Car registrationIncluded£££
Maintenance & wearIncluded£££
Final installmentIncluded£££
Delivery timeImmediate availabilityOften with waiting period
Record on your creditNoYes
Liability coverageVarious optionsMust be purchased individually
PaymentAny debit/ credit cardOften associated with fees


You will select the desired start date for your SIXT+ car subscription during the online booking process. Then, you can find the start date you specified in your online login account and in your subscription confirmation email.
You can return your vehicle to the Sixt station selected in your application at, or prior to, the time and date stated as the “due in” date on your applicable rental agreement. The return of the vehicle will be deemed a termination of the existing contract. Please note that an early return, before the end of a 30-day billing period, does not lead to a proportional calculation of the respective time period.
This contract has a maximum duration of 90 days (3 subscripton periods of 30 days each), which means the contract can only be renewed twice at the maximum. You need to return the vehicle to the SIXT branch before the end of the 3rd 30 days period. Before the end of your maximum contract period, you will receive an e-mail reminding you of the drop-off well advance. You want to continue driving a Sixt+ car subscription? No worries! Before the end of the 90 day maximum subscription period, you also receive a follow-up offer which allows you to close a new subscription contract with an attractive benefit, which you can continue for another 1, 2, or 3 months in a brand new car!
All of our SIXT + vehicles already have liability insurance, as well as fully comprehensive damage and theft protection with a deductible of GBP 2,000 included. You can find your selected protection within your online login. In addition, during the configuration of your vehicle, you have the option of extending this protection, e.g. a lower excess, tire and windshield protection, or personal accident protection. Addedly, with our 24h mobility service, we offer an option that protects you from further possible costs, especially in breakdown situations.
Our claim to all of our SIXT+ car subscription offers is to cover our customers' individual mobility needs as flexibly, quickly and immediately as possible. By selecting a bundled vehicle group from similar vehicle models (also called ACRISS Code), we are able to provide you with your vehicle quickly and easily. Which vehicle you receive from this category is only decided at our SIXT station on the day of collection. All of our SIXT + cars are new or as new and contain high-quality equipment.There is no guaranty as to the specific vehicle you receive, only as to the class of the vehicle selected in your Sixt+ application.
All of our SIXT + vehicles are new to as good as new and are always the current or last model year. Each vehicle is also professionally cleaned before handover.
The minimum age to conclude a Sixt+ subscription is 21, unless otherwise required by law and the driver must have a valid UK driver's license. For drivers aged between 21 and 25 a young driver surcharge applies. For costs please refer to the Sixt rental information. Some vehicle groups may be age restricted.
  • Access to exclusive discounts
* All prices include taxes and fees. Additional charges may apply at certain locations. All Sixt+ applications require Sixt review for approval before commencement of a Sixt+ Subscription. One month is equivalent to a period of 30 days; plus a one-off, one-time, sign-up fee of 249.00 GBP; insurance coverage will depend on the package selected, wth an excess liability maximum of 2000 GBP. Your rental includes a specific amount of mileage depending on your election in your application. Costs for fuel are not included. Geographical restrictions apply. You can elect to add optional products by paying an additional amount in the application process, or add them during your subscription, per the Sixt+ terms and conditions. An exchange of the vehicle for another vehicle model is possible on request, subject to availability. The fee is £49 per customer-initiated exchange process and applies regardless of whether it is a vehicle model from the same or a higher / lower vehicle category. A minimum duration of 30 days applies. Upon expiration of the minimum duration, the contract is automatically extended a month at a time, up to a maximum of 3 months (90 days). Just start a new agreement right after and we will refund you the starting fee for consecutive subscriptions. You are entitled to terminate the contract at any time by returning the vehicle to your selected Sixt branch in your application. The act of returning the vehicle to said branch is considered termination of the existing subscription with effect from the end of the 30 day-billing period during which time the vehicle was returned. Please note that the image and the vehicle specifications shown are merely illustrative of the category in question (subject to errors). It is only possible to make a reservation for a category, not for a specific vehicle. The information provided is based on the smallest model available in the category. The rental information, Sixt+ Terms and Conditions and the rental agreement terms of Sixt Rent a Car Ltd, apply.