Moving Service. Parking Bay Suspension.

How to apply for a parking bay suspension for your house move

There is nothing worse than having all your moving boxes packed and ready to load, all your helpers ready and waiting for your instructions, and you simply cannot find a parking space in front of your house to park your rented van.

In the past, it might have been possible with considerable effort to keep a free space ready. Nowadays, it is much, much simpler: you request a parking bay suspension in good time. You will only have to provide the exact location and duration, and then an experienced provider, such as Halteverbot123, will do all the work for you.

Our partner is able to apply on your behalf for a parking bay suspension in the form of a full service package for your van or truck. The parking bay suspension will be set up for you with all the necessary official permits which will be removed afterwards once the period of suspension has expired. There is nothing else for you to do.

Do you need a clear approach zone, are you planning a house move or do you require parking space for unloading and loading for filming, building site deliveries or similar requirements? 

No problem. Send us your free enquiry today. By using the services of, you can have them organise a parking bay suspension or no-parking enforcement in London, Manchester, and throughout the UK. Simply contact us and find out the cost for setting up a parking bay suspension in your city without any obligation.

Note: If a parking bay suspension sign has been erected and somebody parks illegally in your reserved parking zone, then you should ensure you have the permit documents at hand that were provided in good time by Halteverbot123 in order to present them to the police authority.