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Safety Vest Comes with every Car Hire

Driving in Europe is a memorable experience and affords you the freedom to plan your holiday itinerary independently and a car hire from Sixt is a great way to enjoy relaxing travel as you explore the many sights our continent has to offer. When you’re travelling by car rental it’s important to have the necessary safety equipment, such as safety vests, with you both to protect you in the event of a breakdown or an accident and to comply with the legislation of the country in which you are renting a car and travelling. 

Safety Vest with every car hire at Sixt

Compulsory Safety Vest at Sixt Rent A Car

In many parts of the European Union it is a requirement to carry a high visibility safety vest in your vehicle so that, if you should need to be at the roadside outside your car - if you have broken down or been involved in an accident - you are clearly visible to other road users. Failure to do so can result in on the spot fines in the event that you are found not to be carrying the necessary equipment. 

Fully-Equipped Car Rental from Sixt Rent A Car

At Sixt Car Hire we take our responsibilities for playing our part to keep you safe seriously. Therefore in every Sixt car that you hire you will find a safety vest, not only to ensure that you abide by the law when you travel, but more importantly to protect you in the unfortunate event that you suffer an unforeseen problem when hiring one of our vehicles. This is provided at no charge so you can be reassured when booking your car rental that the finer details are looked after by Sixt Car Hire, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying your journeys with your car rental.