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Car hire with car seats

Child & baby seats for your car hire 

We at SIXT pride ourselves on providing the best, and there are no exceptions when considering your child's safety. With your car hire, we can provide a range of fully legal, comfortable and easy-to-install choice of baby seats depending on your child's age. Below you will find the specifications for each of our child seats we can provide for your car hire at an affordable price. 


What is the difference between baby, booster and child seats? 

Baby seats: 0kg - 13kg 

  • Age: Babies from birth to 15 months 
  • Attachment: Place the seat facing away from the direction of travel 
  • Placement in the vehicle: Can be mounted on any seat 
  • Please note: If the baby seat is positioned on the front passenger seat, the airbag must be disabled 

Child seats: 9kg - 18kg 

  • Age: Infants aged 9 months to 4 years 
  • Attachment: In the direction of travel 
  • Placement in the vehicle: Can be mounted on any seat 

Our child seats face forward and feature improved Side Impact Protection by utilizing deep and softly padded side wings that are able to recline without disturbing your little one. Its special Pitch Control System decreases forward motion in case of an accident. 

Booster seats: 15kg - 36kg 

  • Age: Children aged 4 to 12 years 
  • Attachment: Place the seat facing the direction of travel 
  • Placement in the vehicle: Can be attached to any seat 

This easy to lift and tall booster seat featuring Side Impact Protection is designed for older children. Its padded headrest provides support and comfort while easily adjusted to the height of your child. This booster seat fully secures your child with an adult seat belt that is naturally positioned over their shoulder and pelvis. 


How to rent a car with a baby seat? 

Including a child car seat in your car rental booking is quick and easy: 
  1. Use the booking form above to enter your pick-up location and dates and then select your ideal vehicle category. 
  2. You will be shown your car category details, the updated price and all included protection. 
  3. Select "Show More Extras" and click on "Child Seats" to view our baby seats. 
  4. Select your required baby or child seat and how many you require. The price will then be added to the total rental cost. 

Please note: We cannot ensure your chosen child seats will be available in every branch. We will, however, do everything we can to guarantee they are in stock before your arrival. 


Guaranteed safety for your child on holiday 

The safety and comfort of your children has the highest priority, especially when travelling abroad or to a new destination. SIXT car hire is dedicated to providing high-quality booster seats, baby seats and child seats. We have the right seat for every child. You can easily book it as an affordable add-on - so you only pay it if you really need it. 
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