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Car hire with an additional driver

Whether you're driving long-distance or unleashing a luxury car on the road, share the experience and feel comfortable by including an additional driver to your SIXT car hire agreement. Adding a second insured driver is easy as long as they have a valid driver's licence, are present at the time of pickup and are of the correct age to drive your chosen vehicle category. Simply select this option as an add-on under "Recommended Extras" in the booking process, and the cost will be added to the price. 


How to rent a car with an additional driver 

When renting your car hire from SIXT, booking an additional driver at checkout will incur only a minimal cost which is far outweighed by the convenience and reassurance that you will enjoy knowing that you can share the driving with someone else. For everything to run smoothly when hiring a car with an additional driver, the following rules apply: 
  • The additional driver(s) must be present when you pick-up the vehicle 
  • They must have a valid driver's licence 
  • They must be of the correct age required by your chosen car hire category 

Share the driving fun with a second driver 

  • Share the Journey: Long distances become a breeze when there's an extra pair of hands to take the wheel. Turn your drive into a thrilling road trip with an additional driver! 
  • Multiple Drivers: "Additional driver" doesn't mean just one. Multiple drivers are welcome under our policy, each for a small fee. The cap on the number of additional drivers varies by country so be sure to check when booking. 
  • Double the Fun: If you're travelling with a partner, share the driving time between you to keep energy high and allow for refreshing breaks.  
  • Test Drive a New Family Car: Buying a new car for the family means everyone has to feel confident in a new model. Rent a car for a week and test drive it with your partner. 
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