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Car hire with prepaid fuel

At SIXT, we know that our customers' main concern is picking up their vehicle and hitting the road; whether they are holidaying with the family or heading to important business meetings. That's why we offer a convenient and cost-effective prepaid fuel option. Once you have collected your vehicle at the pick-up point nothing is stopping you from getting straight on your way. And, even better, you can return the vehicle with an empty tank saving you precious time upon drop-off. 


How does the prepaid fuel option work? 

For ultimate convenience, opt for our great prepaid fuel car hire deal that ensures you get the best price for your rental vehicle and a full tank. You get to pick up the vehicle with a full tank and at the end of you rental return the tank empty. The refuelled litres will be charges at a price that is competitive with local fuel stations along with a tanking service fee.

Why should I choose a prepaid fuel hire car? 

When you prepay, you can make savings of up to 30% on the base rental costs. With a full tank of fuel, once you have collected your vehicle you are free to head out and start your journey. SIXT is offering an even sweeter deal to our prepaid fuel fare: not only do we charge prices comparable to those at the pump, but we are offering 5 litres free too! 

Additional benefits of prepaying for fuel 

  • Avoid making detours to petrol stations that could be some distance away and costly 
  • Get the most out of your rental by heading straight to your destination 

What if I don’t choose a prepaid fuel car hire? 

Of course, filling up the car yourself before returning your car rental is always an option. However, if you return your car hire without a full tank you will incur the costs not only for the price of petrol or diesel, but you must pay a service charge to refuel the vehicle as well. Selecting our prepaid fuel deal is an easy way to make sure you avert any extra charges.
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