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Car hire with snow chains

Driving on snowy or icy roads is rarely an enjoyable experience but using snow chains on your SIXT car rental's wheels can make your drive safer and more stable, as well as eliminating the anxiety of driving in wintry conditions. Snow chains enable you to drive more safely in two ways. Firstly they add traction as the wheels turn, and secondly, they help to eliminate wheel spin by biting the road surface so that the wheels move forward. Make sure your ski trip or winter drive is safe and secure with the useful addition of snow chains on your SIXT car hire. 

* Subject to availability. Whereas snow chains are not available in the UK, SIXT offers them in most of the other European countries, like Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 


The benefits of driving with snow chains 

In some parts of Europe, snow chains are compulsory at certain times of the year, such as mountainous regions in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Finland and even in some parts of Italy and France. Sometimes if the weather is weather is so severe, local authorities may require that tyre chains be installed onto your car. 

If you're jetting off for the skiing season and require extra reassurance and peace of mind when driving, consider choosing the snow chains extra for your car rental. For extra comfort and reliability, our 4x4 and SUV hires can provide excellent traction on icy roads in snowy climates. 


Renting a car and driving it in Europe 

Driving a rental car on unfamiliar roads can be worrying enough without the added complication of challenging wintry weather. It is worth bearing in mind that no weather is impossible to drive in so long as you have the correct equipment to do so safely. At SIXT Rent A Car we are dedicated to providing you with those essential add-ons to your car hire and to offer the full range of snow chains and winter tyres to help to keep you moving in snow and ice. For a small extra cost, you can hire a car with winter equipment and enjoy peace of mind that you can drive safely and legally, whatever the weather throws at you. 
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