Soak up the sunshine or take in the stars

Immerse Yourself in the Elements with Sixt Luxury Convertible Rental

Soak up the sunshine or take in the stars, when you rent a luxury convertible every drive is an opportunity to fully experience your surroundings. Enjoy uninterrupted views while curving along scenic coastal roads or let the wind catch your hair as you accelerate out of the city. Wherever you are heading, driving with the top down allows you to feel like an integral part of the landscape.

The selection offered by the Sixt luxury convertible fleet features an amazing array of vehicles. Fully relax in the refined comforts offered by a BMW 6 Series or relish the power of a Ford Mustang GT. From sporty to sophisticated we have an incredible selection of luxury convertibles to fulfill your fantasies. Have the chance to discover your environment while getting more pleasure out of the drive and rent a convertible.