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Electric Car Hire

Electric Car Hire

In the past few years a rising awareness of greenhouse gas emissions and a civil movement that cares about the environment could be noted. These environmental concerns force the automobile industry to react and to adapt their car models to their customers' ideas. As old conventional cars with common combustion engines may cause massive air pollution, a new means of propulsion had to be thought of. Electric cars do not need any fuel which also means that drivers are not at the oil companies' mercy. Instead, they take advantage of electrical energy which is stored in a battery. 

Whereas Sixt cannot offer electric car hire at this very moment in the UK, we are proud to announce that we will include electric cars to our fleet in the future. In the meantime we offer fully electric cars in the US, Germany and many more locations abroad.

BMW i3

or similar

Smart 42

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BMW i8

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Sixt Electric Car Hire Worldwide

Our top quality and fully electric cars are now available at selected locations in the USA and also parts of Europe including GermanyFrance and Spain. In fleet we have BMW models such as the compact and efficient BMW i3, or the luxurious BMW i8. Special locations in the USA also have electric cars from esteemed manufacturer Tesla, such as the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

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