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Electric car hire with SIXT

At SIXT we offer a modern and reliable fleet which includes electric cars. Eco-conscious drivers out there have the opportunity to hire electric cars in London as well as the USA, Germany as well as other countries in Europe. In London electric cars are exempt from the congestion charge meaning you can save money when driving in the capiral. Likewise you can get around restrictions in many major European cities by chooisng an electric hire car with SIXT. If you're looking to make a greener choice with your next car hire, SIXT is the company to choose.

Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40 or similar | FFAE

Common questions about hiring an electric car

How far can I drive my electric car?

This will depend on the model and is worth checking before disembarking. However, currently you can get between 100 to 300 miles of range on a modern electric car.

Where can I charge my electric car?

There are power points suitable in several key places. This can be at your home or hotel, petrol or service stations, office buildings and the public provided charging points. It is worth bringing your own charging cable in case the outlet is different.

How quick is it to charge an electric car?

It is worth noting the designed charging points for electric cars. From a 7kWh charging point, a full charge on a 60kWh battery takes up to 8 hours. In contrast it can take a mere 30 min at a more powerful charging station (depending on battery size).

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

There are a few variables including battery size, where you live and which provider. Generally, it is about 17p per kWh. Fully charging most cars is around £9.00 and gives 200 miles of range.

Where can I hire an electric car with SIXT?

Currently you are able to hire electric cars in London as well as in many countries around the world with SIXT.

Why hire an electric car with SIXT?

Cost effective

Electric cars are far more cost effective than typical vehicles. A full charge can cost less than £10.


We offer in many places 24-hour returns as well as flexible bookings. Whether you need an electric car for long-term or short-term hire, we can help.

High quality

All our cars, including our electric vehicles, are on average only 3 months old and sourced from the best providers.

Better access

In London and many other cities an electric car relieves you of any costs entering Low Emission Zones as well as Congestion Charge Zones! 

SIXT electric car hire worldwide

In London you are currently able to hire the fantastic Volvo XC40 which is a compact SUV that's perfect for getting around the city. And as a global company, SIXT has a variety of top electric car models in our fleet, including the Jaguar I-Pace in the United States, the BMW i3 in Germany, as well as a variety of electric cars in France and Spain. We are always updating our fleet both in the UK and worldwide to be able to offer more sustainable choices.

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