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4x4 & SUV Hire with Sixt

Cruise above the crowd with a chic 4x4 hire in the city or opt for a rugged SUV for maximum torque and traction in slippery conditions. Now everyone can find a 4x4 to suit them! Get in on the trend and rent a 4x4 from Sixt. Crowned kings of the road, 4x4s are a cut above the rest with their trademark raised seating and breezy handling on tricky terrain. Once solely a luxury vehicle, 4x4 sales have quadrupled in Europe since 2005 as top brands have begun to roll out their own breed of 4x4. The desirable commanding view a 4x4 affords has led to an ultra-modern fleet of sleek, fuel-efficient four-wheel drive vehicle suitable to every budget.

Hire a luxury 4x4 from Sixt rent a car
  • Models available for ages 21 and over
  • Premium 4x4s at affordable prices
  • Luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW & Audi
  • High quality vehicles: on average 3 months old

Explore Further with a 4x4 Hire from Sixt

  • A Gripping Ride: Stylish and imposing, these 4x4s are a powerful statement. You?ll feel ready take on anything in your 4x4 car hire with a 4-wheel or all-wheel drive humming beneath your plush seat. The 4-wheel drive system lies dormant to prioritise fuel economy until activated with a flick of a switch when you reach rough surfaces. Impressive all-wheel technology automatically detects when power should be diverted to all four wheels to ease through spots of uneven ground.
  • Space and Comfort: The big body of a 4x4 lends the interior tons of space. If you?re looking to seat 5 passengers with plenty of luggage or even a whopping 7 passengers, these 4x4s get it done.  The rear tier of seats are often raised and centred so everyone can enjoy the view and sliding seats maximise personal comfort on long journeys.
  • Safety First: These hulking 4x4s reassure riders with a sense of security due to their sheer size and souped-up safety features. You are your passengers are protected against changeable weather and uphill and downhill driving are both internally assisted to banish tough starts.

A Selection of our Premium 4x4 models in the UK

Booking a 4x4 Made Easy

To hire a 4x4, in most cases you will need to have held a driving license for at least three years and be over thirty years old, although some of the more compact vehicles have lesser restrictions; the absolute minimum is one year's license and 25 years old. Find out more about some of our services and upgrades below.