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Reading Luxury Cars

With Sixt's huge selection of luxury cars on hire in Reading, all of which are maintained to the highest standards, you can experience the best of an exotic car without buying it. Simply slide in, hit Reading's roads in comfort and style and then return it; we also have replacement services in case of accidents or breakdowns. We offer many additional options, including GPS, winter tyres, unlimited mileage and extended insurance coverage, to ensure you a carefree and convenient drive through Reading. If you're looking to drive a premium car, you can feel confident that your sports car hire with us will be perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you want to make that striking first impression or would simply like to get behind the wheel of a piece of art, renting one of Sixt's premium vehicles is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

Reading Centre

Luxury Car Fleet in Reading

Sixt Premium hire fleet: Our extensive fleet is continuously updated and features a wide selection of vehicles -  ranging from sporty 4x4s, convertibles, and exotic supercars.

Why Choose a Luxury Car Rental from Sixt?

For weddings, corporate events or special engagements, Sixt luxury cars and supercars are here to transform the event into a unique and memorable experience. You can just as easily explore the beauty of this wonderful Berkshire town. Take your Ferrari or Bentley rental to Reading's Oracle Centre for riverside restaurants, or use it to hit up the annual Reading Festival. Whether learning fascinating history at the Museum of Reading or exploring Roman Amphitheatre ruins in nearby Silchester, your rental with us will suit all occasions.

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