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Diesel Car Rental with Sixt Car Hire

If you are looking for a slightly different, more cost-effective experience on your holiday or business trip, then hire a diesel from Sixt. The company offers a large selection of diesel-powered vehicles, and they have a number of unique features which will make your next rental a thrilling discovery trip.

Fuel-efficient, reliable and powerful: Diesel!

  • If you want to save up on the fuel cost, a diesel car hire is an excellent choice. It will deliver anywhere between 20 and 30 percent more mileage compared to any gasoline-powered or even a hybrid vehicle.
  • Diesel engines also provide more torque, meaning you will take off with more power and get to your desired speed effortlessly.
  • Diesel engines are built to withstand the higher compression associated with burning denser fuel, and this makes them longer-lasting and much more dependable than their petrol counterparts.
  • You can forget about the original diesels' emissions record. Sixt's fleet offers you the best new, low-emission diesel rent a car vehicles in every class, equipped with sophisticated filters, catalytic converters, and other innovations.
  • We provide you with power, longevity, and dependability unmatched by any other kind of vehicle, so why not make your next Sixt Car Hire a diesel car rental?

Diesel Rent A Car with Sixt Car Hire

Sixt Rent A Car offers a massive fleet with many diesel-driven cars. Even though the costs of diesel and gasoline are quite similar, you can save money by taking advantage of a diesel car hire as you can drive up to 30% more. Sixt Car Hire offers the most modern fleet you can get. Make your diesel car hire now and profit from Sixt's competitive prices.