Drive in Style
With a premium convertible hire from SIXT in the USA

Convertible hire in the USA

Our high-end convertibles allow you to hire luxury vehicles at a competitive price, whether you're planning a road trip, or a city stay in the USA. Choose from our luxury convertibles, including BMW and MINI. Convertibles can be a glamorous and comfortable choice for exploring the countryside or navigating the cities. Experience the added horsepower and superior features of our models and enjoy the unbeatable handling as you make memories to last a lifetime. We have branches all across the country stocked with convertibles, including in popular destinations like Las Vegas and Los Angeles, as well as Miami and Orlando in sunny Florida.

BMW 2 Series Convertible Auto

BMW 2 Series Convertible Auto. or similar | STAR

BMW 4 Series Convertible Auto.

BMW 4 Series Convertible Auto. or similar | LTAR

MINI Cooper Convertible Auto.

MINI Cooper Convertible Auto. or similar | CTAR

Good to know when hiring a convertible in the USA

How can I pay for the car hire?

You’ll find that leading credit and debit cards are accepted for convertible hire in the USA. However, we don’t accept cash and VISA Electron. 

What are the age requirements to hire a convertible in the USA?

You should be aged 25 and over in order to hire any convertible from our collection. If you're under 25 there are a range of smaller car types to choose from.  

Which documents are needed to hire a convertible in the USA?

It's necessary to present a valid original copy of your driver’s license, and it must be valid for the duration of your hire.  

What are the benefits of hiring a convertible in the USA?

Competitive prices

Choosing a luxury convertible hire in the USA gives you the opportunity to choose a top-class car from classic car manufacturers at economy prices.  

Useful add-ons

The bookable add-ons make sure that you get the most out of your experience, such as opting for an additional driver for a long-distance journey.  

Premium delivery service

You have the luxury of having the first-class car of your choice delivered to your doorstep. Your car would be new, with the average age of our cars being 3 months.

Interior features

Our convertibles are equipped with premium interior features using the latest tech, including inbuilt entertainment. 

Explore the USA with your convertible

We have a convertible for you for any occasion, whether you want a stylish city car for shopping trips or a larger vehicle for going down Route 66. Our luxury models ensure that you travel in comfort, across all terrains. Skip the traffic and like a local with a sat nav, available at booking. We’ll make sure that you’ll always arrive in style with one of our first-class convertibles.