Hire a Car for 2 Weeks With Sixt
Two Week Car Hire

Two-week Car Hire with Sixt

Hiring a car for a fortnight can be the best way forward for a multitude of reasons. There are some cases when you need to be mobile and don’t have time for the hassle of a new lease or even a new purchase. Renting a car doesn’t just have to be for a holiday it can be a smart and practical short-term solution for family or work needs.

BMW 1 Series

Vauxhall Crossland

Audi A4

2-Week Rental Deals

If you need a car hire for 2 weeks for whatever reason our extensive fleet will have you covered. As mentioned all our cars are new, tested and extremely clean, the only thing you have to think about is what kind of car is best for you. If you’re getting around the city and want something easy to park then consider our compact economy cars. If you’re getting away with the family and need some extra luggage space than perhaps a 4X4 or an SUV is better suited. Our saloon vehicles are excellent for making a strong impression on a two-week business trip. For seasonal work or big transport need than our UK van hires also come in various sizes for any trip, as well as our minibuses for getting big groups around.

Reasons for Booking a 2-Week Car Hire

  • Conserve Money: If you need a car for 2 weeks it is much cheaper to hire one. We have great deals that come up to a better price than short rentals or leases. 
  • Easier Service: All our cars are new, MOT verified, and accident covered. Also, with our customer service you will always be in good care. It’s a lot less hassle than purchasing or leasing.
  • Seasonal Work: If you’re doing an extended job in another city and it could be a couple of weeks than a quick and easy car hire. 
  • Car Replacement: If you are out of luck and without a car for two weeks, whether accident or repair, a car hire is a simpler, more affordable and hassle-free way to go.