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Hire a Car for 3 Weeks With Sixt
Three Week Car Hire

Three-week Car Hire with Sixt

If you need a car for only 3 weeks then consider hiring a car from Sixt. We have a fleet of top of the line vehicles with a team always there to make things easy. Perhaps you’re between cars or you need a rental for a few weeks while working in a different city – Sixt’s 3-week car hire might be the perfect solution as a hassle-free alternative. Whatever the reason Sixt is here as an easy and reliable solution.

BMW 1 Series

Vauxhall Crossland

Audi A4

Popular Vehicles to rent for 3 weeks

All our cars are new, reliable and of the best quality. If you’re looking to hire a car for strictly business reasons than consider our range of luxury saloon cars. For a city runaround we have many economy compact cars that have great handling and low fuel consumption. For bigger families or big adventures there’s always the option of an SUV or 4X4. If you’re moving furniture, working construction or simply need to fit a lot of people than check out the UK Sixt van hire and our range of minibuses. Whatever the need Sixt is here to help.

Why book a 3-Week Car Hire

  • Affordable: Long term car hire, particularly for 3-weeks, is more often than not a cheaper solution to leasing or short-term hire. Sixt currently has attractive offers. 
  • Location: If you’re on leave in a different part of the country but need to get around than consider having your own car for 3-weeks at a low cost.
  • Reliable: With our extensive accident and coverage plans you know that when hiring a car with Sixt you’ll be taken care of. There’s much less to worry about with a 3-week car hire. 
  • Convenient: If you’re main car is in repair or you are waiting for a new purchase, Sixt’s car hire is the perfect way to still have transport during that transition.