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Get a 3-Month Car Hire with Sixt

Three-month Car Hire

Sometimes you might find yourself without a vehicle for a prolonged period of time. When this happens, it can be frustrating especially when facing financial loss because of it. With Sixt we offer an extremely affordable solution. A 3-month car hire can be the cheapest solution for temporary replacement of vehicle or if you need one only for that duration. We make the process quick, straightforward and practical.

BMW 1 Series

Vauxhall Crossland

Audi A4

Vehicles to Rent for 3 Months

We have an extensive range of cars and vans in all sizes to make sure you have the perfect vehicle. If you’re planning to only drive around the city for the three months than consider an economic compact car for better handling and less fuel consumption. If you’re someone with more expensive tastes or need to impress clients than we have executive saloon type cars. If you are on a project, moving supplies or simply need more space than we have a long list of UK van hires and minibuses. For those out for speed and style than look no further than our fleet of sports cars.

Reasons for a 3-month Car Hire

  • Affordable rates: It is often a cheaper option to get a long-term car hire than it is to do shorter terms or even leasing.
  • Seasonal Employment: Perhaps you have a car but need an extra one for a project in another location. With stations the world-over a 3-month car hire could be the way. 
  • Interim Car: Perhaps you’re waiting on a new vehicle to arrive or be available for purchase. A long-term car hire could fill the gap.  
  • Less Hassle: With rentals the process for accident coverage is included and comprehensive, our fleet is also top of the line and there’s a team always there to assist you.