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The Chevrolet sports car with its bold chrome accents is instantly recognisable and puts its racing heritage defiantly on the road. The marque is an emblem of American passion and performance for motorsports. Our Chevrolet rent a car fleet at Sixt has everything from sleek Corvettes to family-sized SUVs, delivering you luxury vehicles with superb road handling, powerful horsepower, high top speeds and sports-tuned suspensions. An SUV or saloon Chevrolet luxury car rental has flexible configurations to ensure maximum comfort for all of your family, while their formidable power and new technology mean that there is never a dull moment behind the wheel. A sporty Sixt Chevrolet car rental stands out with attention-grabbing aerodynamic exteriors that combine function and form to perfection while intuitive interiors cosset you and your passengers in luxury.

An American name with its own distinctive design

Just over 100 years ago in Detroit, Louis Chevrolet gave his name to the company and a long line of iconic models were born. From the first Roadster in 1914 to the latest Corvettes, Chevrolets have always been completely contemporary and defined by their great visual appeal. Early models led the field in vehicle marketing, including tops, windscreens and speedometers as basics, not extras! The Chevrolet Suburban of the 1930s is considered the grandfather of the modern SUV and has the distinction of being the longest-lived American model in continuous production. Corvettes and Coupes joined the Chevrolet line-up in the 1960s with the instantly recognisable sleek and sporty lines of the latest Corvette celebrating a win in its class at Le Mans, 2015. With a rental from Sixt, you are in good company with Chevrolet making a new sale somewhere in the world almost every six seconds.

Our Chevrolet fleet

Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible - BM AUSWÄHLEN + AKTIVIEREN
One of the coolest classic cars ever built
  • 466 hp
  • 0 - 100 km/h in 4.2 s