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The Audi sports car enjoys an enviable track record in the motor-racing world, so it is no surprise that the Audi slogan is "born on the track, built for the road". Audi cars in our Sixt fleet benefit from the translation of this motorsport technology into high-performance road cars. Your Audi luxury car will deliver a sporty performance with high speeds, efficiency and agile handling while its state-of-the-art technology and sleek, curved lines give it definite youth appeal. With this powerful German engineering married to the motorsport-inspired looks the Audi car rental packs a punch whether you are driving for business or leisure. When you relax into the slick and comfortable interior of your Audi rent a car from Sixt the miles will slip effortlessly by.

Powerful Cars with a Worldwide Reputation

The company that was to become Audi was started by August Horch in Cologne back in 1899. Complex amalgamations led to the formation of the Auto Union company in 1932, the same year that the four rings we know today as the iconic Audi emblem were first used. Racing success in the Austrian Alpine Runs brought early international renown to the name. This continued with a series of Auto Union racing models that concentrated high-performance engines, aerodynamic designs and lightweight construction in powerful vehicles that broke all speed records on normal roads. The Audi 100 aimed at mid-size families took to the road in 1968 while in 1980 the Audi Quattro became the first four-wheel drive car on the market. By 2003 this had evolved into the SUVs we know today. With Audi now dominating the market for mid-engine sports cars we are proud to have this world-class name in our Sixt fleet.

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