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Range Rover Hire with Sixt

At Sixt we are proud to offer one of the most recognised and respected brands on the automobile market, the Range Rover, as part of our car rental fleet. Powerful, reliable and stylish, these luxurious cars will amaze you at every milestone. Book yours now to experience a smooth and comfortable journey in any conditions and for driving any distance.

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Ground breaking aspects like four wheel drive really drove this manufacturer's reputation through the roof and by the early 1980's, the first four door models were introduced to the market. Now in 2017, this 4x4 manufacturer is one of the best in the world. Range Rover Car Hire is a service that Sixt is now pleased to offer. Please note that Sixt is unable to guarantee a Range Rover car rental, however in case of unavailability we will provide you with an equivalent vehicle from the same car hire category. 

Range Rover Sport Hire

Range Rover Sport

This award winning Land Rover SUV offers a premium driving experience, boasting a beautiful interior and a whole plethora of technical capabilities. Our brand new to 2017 Range Rover Sport will be the cherry on the cake for any trip you're taking this year.


Available in: UK, Germany, USA, France, Switzerland

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Range Rover Evoque Hire

Range Rover Evoque SUV

Brand new to our fleet in 2018! This stylish yet versatile vehicle perfectly blends stunning looks with luxury fittings and technology, for a smooth, safe and comfortable drive. The premium Range Rover Evoque hire is new to our fleet this year, meaning you're guaranteed an almost brand new vehicle with all of the benefits it brings.


Available in: UK

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Range Rover Velar 2018 from Sixt

Range Rover Velar

Brand new to our fleet in 2018! As one of the most refined and premium members of the Range Rover family, the brand new Velar exudes style and performance. As a highly capable off-road vehicle that is suitable for many terrains and drives, the brand new Range Rover Velar is ideal for driving holidays in the Scottish highlands, cross-country trips or just for a treat.


Available in: UK

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Evoque Convertible Hire

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Brand new to our fleet in 2018! Designed for all seasons, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible is ideal for countryside summer driving with the roof down - or up if the weather changes! As the first ever SUV of its kind, Sixt is proud to include the brand new Evoque Convertible as part of our new-and-updated 2018 fleet in the UK.


Available in: UK

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Land Rover Discovery Hire from Sixt

Land Rover Discovery

Brand new to our fleet in 2018! The Land Rover Discovery has the functionality of a utility vehicle, with all the techy gadgets and sleep design of a luxury 4x4. Choose the Discovery for a sporty adventure holiday with your family, or a cross country trip that ensures the whole party stays comfortable and safe.


Available in: UK

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Range Rover Autobiography Hire

Range Rover Autobiography*

Range Rovers don't get more luxurious than the Autobiography. This supercharged 5 litre engine car accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in just over 5 seconds. With a Range Rover Autobiography car hire you are sure to turn heads.


*No longer available

Range Rover Vogue | Sixt

Range Rover Vogue*

The Range Rover Vogue is great fun, may it be summer or winter, spring or autumn. This exceptional sports tourer excels on and off the road, delivering awesome power for an exhilarating drive and impresses with its luxurious interior and dynamic engine.


*No longer available

Sixt Range Rover Hire Services

With Sixt Luxury Hire Cars, all you need is select the perfect model and we'll handle the rest. However, please bear in mind that Sixt cannot guarantee the availability of an Range Rover car rental. In the situation of a lack of availability, an equivalent car hire from the same category will be provided.

  • Brand new cars - on average 3 months old
  • Over 120+ convenient car hire locations in the UK and 4000+ worldwide
  • Save money with our attractive deals and offers
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service
  • Our Range Rovers have built in Sat Nav
  • Tailor to your needs with a selection of additional services

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