with a Mercedes A-Class
Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Drive Smug in a Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hire

Hire a Mercedes-Benz A-Class from Sixt and you can be certain that your trip will benefit from all that this highly celebrated car has to offer. Ideal for business trips and family holidays alike, this compact and efficient hatchback guarantees you a smooth journey and comes available in both automatic and manual transmissions. Now you can drive the brand new Mercedes-Benz A-Class rental from just £29 a day* when you rent with Sixt in the UK!

Mercedes-Benz A-Class
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5 SEATS 5 DOORS Manual Petrol Air conditioning 1 BAGS

Reasons to Choose the Mercedes-Benz A-Class for your Trip

  • Critically Acclaimed: Lithe, snappy, solidly built and very easy on the eye, this generation of the Mercedes A-Class has been widely lauded as the best so far in a line of critically acclaimed cars. 
  • Plenty of Power: With a top speed of 118mph and moving from 0 to 62mph in 11.3 seconds, it's a great car for motorways and city streets alike. 
  • Impressive Engineering: As well as highly accurate steering, the A-Class handles almost silently, the noise of the road and wind outside, which is reduced to almost zero.
  • Safety Features: In terms of safety, the A-Class boasts seven airbags and a radar-controlled collision prevention system, and received the full five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests. Using 74 miles per gallon, it makes for a highly economical and secure car rental option.

Technical details


Cylinder 4
Capacity 1,991 cm3
Max speed 381 cc
Max. power at speed 6,000 1/min
Max. torque 475 Nm
At speed 2250 1/min
Transmission 7 gears AMG SPEEDSHIFT

Technical details

Length 4.640 mm
Height 1.432 mm
Wheelbase 2.699 mm
Luggage capacity 470 l
Fuel capacity 56 l
Tare 1.585 kg