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Ferrari hire

Fulfill the dreams of a lifetime with a Ferrari hire from Sixt. No matter your age, the lure of a Ferrari cannot be denied. Alongside a successful career as a racing driver, Enzo Ferrari gave his gift to the world and secured his legacy with his now world-renowned car brand. Getting behind the wheel of your Ferrari hire will give you an instant feeling of power, and let you experience what most can only dream of - without the wallet destroying price tag of actually buying one!

Ferrari car hire in the UK

Whether you are looking for a car to impress at a business meeting, arrive in style at a wedding or just simply want to experience the thrill of driving an incredibly powerful sports car, hiring a Ferrari from Sixt will more than exceed your expectations. Available to rent from three of our London branches, getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari will make you the envy of all passers-by and be an experience you will not quickly forget. To hire a Ferrari from us simply use our online reservation engine which will give you an instant quote in regards to your desired model and rental period. Alternatively, you can give one of our branches a call or even visit us in person.

ferrari california 2d rot offen 2015

Unfortunately, we no longer offer Ferrari rentals in the UK...

Sixt Ferrari Hire Services

With SIXT Luxury Hire Cars, all you need is select the perfect model and we'll handle the rest. However, please bear in mind that SIXT cannot guarantee the availability of an Ferrari car rental. In the situation of a lack of availability, an equivalent car hire from the same category will be provided.