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Convertible Car Hire with Sixt

Convertible Hire Las Vegas

Make Sin City your playground with a convertible car hire from Sixt. Stretch out in broad boulevards and pull up for valet parking in a ride worthy of Caesars Palace. Go topless and winch down that hood for panoramic views of Las Vegas in its full technicolour glory. Wraparound comfort and intoxicating power blend to distinguish our fleet of convertibles from the sporty rental pack. Top brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Jaguar are all included in our range with each car suitable for a different budget.

Our Most Popular Convertibles in the USA

  • The classic American Muscle Car:

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Convertible hire in the USA
  • Compact & Practical:

VW Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Hire in USA
  • Sporty and Stylish:

BMW 4 Series

BMW 4 Series Convertible Hire in USA

Discover Las Vegas with your Convertible Car Hire

  • The Strip is a 4.5 mile boulevard flanked with all the big hitters in Las Vegas; The Mirage, Treasure Island and The Flamingo. Rev the engine at the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas Sign and get into gear to see gleaming pyramids, a kitsch Eiffel Tower and even a volatile volcano all from the plush leather seats of your convertible car hire in Las Vegas.
  • If you grow weary of the neon lights and the ding-ding-ding of the slot machines, hit the road and taste the sweet air of the Mojave desert. In a flat 30 minutes you'll reach the Red Rock Canyon, a 195,000-acre national conservation area where thrusting red rocks resemble a rusty layer cake. The 13 mile scenic loop drive around the area is peppered with ample stops for hiking and parking.
  • Journey with your convertible car hire in Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam, just a hour's nifty drive East. This art deco crest of white concrete parting the mighty Colorado River is breathtaking and still generates power for over 1 million people. Stand atop the suspended walkway and turn your gaze to the Black Canyon below for plunging views of deep blue waters. 



Benefits of a Convertible Hire in Las Vegas

Your dream convertible is just the first step towards your tailored car hire package from Sixt. We offer a wide range of extras, all designed to maximise your driving pleasure and ease. If you want to take to the open road, try unlimited mileage or a Sat Nav to keep you on the right track. An additional driver is ideal if you've both got a need for speed. Go big or go home is the Nevada mantra so opt for luxury and choose convertible car hire in Las Vegas from Sixt.