Drive in Style
with a premium convertible hire in Ibiza

Convertible hire in Ibiza

Hit one of Europe’s hottest party destinations in style with SIXT convertible hire in Ibiza. Our luxurious fleet offers a range of premium convertible models to choose from, with new cars from top manufacturers like BMW and Audi. Soak up the party atmosphere in Ibiza’s tourist centre by cruising along the main strip with the hood down. Or drive out to some of Ibiza’s beautiful, secluded beaches and enjoy the sea breeze and panoramic ocean views from your luxury convertible. Top-down convertibles are the ideal option for enjoying Ibiza’s sunny climate and stunning scenery.  

BMW 2 Series Convertible Auto

BMW 2 Series Convertible Auto. or similar | STAR

BMW 4 Series Convertible Auto.

BMW 4 Series Convertible Auto. or similar | LTAR

MINI Cooper Convertible Auto.

MINI Cooper Convertible Auto. or similar | CTAR

Good to know when hiring a convertible in Ibiza

How old do I need to be to hire a convertible in Ibiza?

SIXT convertible hire in Ibiza only allows drivers over the age of 25 to hire a convertible. That is the minimum age that the driver must be.  

How can I pay for convertible hire in Ibiza?

When you book with SIXT online, you can pay up-front using your credit card. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash or prepaid debit cards.  

Can I choose which convertible model I will get?

With SIXT you can choose the vehicle category in advance but not the exact model. The SIXT app allows you to pick your model 30min before collection.  

Where can I hire a convertible in Ibiza?

What are the benefits of hiring a convertible in Ibiza?

Flexible hire

When you hire a convertible with SIXT, you can choose from flexible hire periods, such as weekly hire, long-term hire, or one day hire.  

Delivery on request

With SIXT convertible hire, you can arrange to have your hire car delivered straight to your door in Ibiza.  

Premium features

Our convertibles offer premium interior entertainment features and bookable wi-fi for up to five devices.  

Top-end Autos

Our convertible fleet offers a selection of new vehicles from high-end manufacturers.  

Explore Ibiza with your convertible

Make the most of Ibiza’s sunny weather and beautiful coastal locations with your SIXT convertible. The sleek, smooth handling in our convertible models is perfect if you want to explore Ibiza’s rural, inland spots and historical churches. Or enjoy a refreshing ride along the coast to discover some of Ibiza’s many hidden bays. Bookable add-ons, like guaranteed sat nav, will help you explore the island. Meanwhile, additional driver options mean that you and a friend can both enjoy the drive.