California Dreamin'
In a luxurious convertible rental from SIXT

Convertible Hire in California

Take the road trip of a lifetime in style with a Sixt car hire convertible in California, allowing you to soak up the West Coast sun. Our car rental branches across California mean you can pick up your convertible from a number of convenient locations, including in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and tailor the trip to your needs. We offer a selection of high quality models from brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar and Ford and each one exudes style and performance. Browse our selection of convertible hires below or get an instant quote for your California branch of choice by using the booking form above.

BMW 2 Series

or similar | PTAR

BMW 4 Series

or similar | LTAR

BMW 8 Series

or similar | XTAM

Choose the perfect convertible in California

California is rich in stunning landscapes, iconic highways and glittering beachs, so ensure you make the most of your drive by choosing the ideal Sixt convertible hire for you and your trip.

The Advantage of a Convertible in California

  • Each convertible in California offers spacious seating and in many of our vehicles, you have room for backseat passengers along with a boot for your luggage.
  • Many of our brand-new models come with a range of luxury features such as keyless access and parking assistance, as well as insulated roofs that make a convertible rental suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Our premium convertibles such as the Ford Mustang GT have inbuilt safety features such as glove box door airbags, anti-lock brakes, and the SOS Post Crash Alert System.

Sixt Car Rental Branches

Our branches have professional, helpful and efficient staff to guarantee your car rental experience is stress free and enjoyable. Our vehicles are high quality and well-maintained and can be upgraded with addons such as Sat Nav systems, baby seats, additional drivers and more.