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Sixt is delighted to offer CitroŽn car hire to our customers. Eminently road-worthy and reliable, CitroŽn vehicles are trusted throughout the world. Hire a CitroŽn from Sixt, and get your journey underway. With a range of CitroŽn vehicles for car rental, including the comfortable and city-ready DS3, the perfect all-rounder DS4, the executive DS5, the small, adroit C3 and the cosy C4 you can choose the perfect one for your travels. 

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A wartime arms manufacturer, Andrť CitroŽn began manufacturing automobiles in 1919 after the end of the First World War. CitroŽn was the first mass car manufacturer outside of the US, and within only eight years it had grown to become the fourth largest in the world due to a reputation for innovation and revolutionary engineering. CitroŽn is still producing world-class cars, and we at Sixt is pleased to include them as part of our car rental fleet. Unfortunately, Sixt is unable to guarantee a CitroŽn car rental, nonetheless, you will be provided with an equivalent vehicle in your chosen car hire category.

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With Sixt Luxury Hire Cars, all you need is select the perfect model and we'll handle the rest. However, please bear in mind that Sixt cannot guarantee the availability of an CitroŽn car rental. In the situation of a lack of availability, an equivalent car hire from the same category will be provided.