Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road CAR HIRE

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Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai


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MO - SU:

09:00 - 19:00

Bank holidays:

09:00 - 19:00

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Angela G.

1st time using your services BUT most definitely NOT the last time.. great service from start to finish. Good price for all that I received. Cooler car than I thought I would get. thumbs up very satisfied.They’re very professional and respectful.Would definitely use again.Super friendly staff.


Nice cars with competitive rates. .

Justin L.

Staff very friendly and efficient.


Be aware - some cars have a warning noise if you go above 120km/h, which if you go to Abu Dhabi is very annoying as the limit is 140km/h...

Welcome to my W.

Hello everyone🤗, thank you so much for your Wonderful support by reading and Like my reviews.

here i am as i promised you to give you a complete review about this place, As you all know me by now that once I write a review it would be the only 100% true, honest and complete review you would ever get in Google.


My reviews scale is ((((1)))) to ((((10))))


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OK Let's start :



Friendly, helpful, and Very professional...


I have been dealing with Mr. ERAID, I have posted his photo in here... He was so helpful and did fast process.



I have booked a Mercedes same day, when i arrived there, the car was ready, i received it in no time.


The return process was also nice and fast too...



very easy to find this Branch and locate it... Its right at the main road.



easy to park right front of the shope, nothing to worry about Finding a parking when you come to Pick up your Rental car or Return it.



Open Daily:

From 08:00 am To 22:00 pm


during Ramadan:

From 08:00 am To 20:00 pm



I would highly recommend this a branch if Mr. ERAID is in duty... As i can NOT judge or know how things would be if he is off and/or other staff are in duty.


honestly Speaking I Do NOT know if this service and attitude comes from all other staff and all other branches of Sixt or NOT ,however, i Write a review and rate what i have Encountered, Received, and Experienced in an individual place.


I gave ((5 STARS)) because Honestly i have received Nothing But Fast, Nice, Kind and Professional service with a very Friendly Attitude from Mr. ERAID.


***MY RATE*** to this place is ((((9))))


hopefully I was able to give you a good idea and a complete review about this place.


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Have wonderful great time wherever you are with God Bless🤗

Akhtar H.

Sheikh Zayed branch staff is all amazing....

Hassan A.

It is a very wonderful place to rent a car and they look after their customer perfectly.

Speedy and perfect service from picking the car, payment and delivering the car. When I returned the car it took them only less than 5 minutes to tell me it is done I can go now sir.


I will always come here with this very high quality service.