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BMW X Series Car Rental


The fantastic BMW X is available to hire with Sixt rent a car for a great price. BMW's unique look at how 4x4 could perform has led to the creation of a vehicle that performs well both off and on road. With its suspension turning, optimal axle load distribution and a comparatively low centre of gravity the BMW X handles like a dream. Choose this luxurious 4x4 from Sixt for a high quality rental car like no other.

Sixt BMW X Series Hire
Transmission Automatic
Minimum Age Required 25 years
Luggage 2 Suitcases / 2 Bags

Rent a BMW X Series with Sixt

  •  Cost Effective: In terms of efficiency the BMW X series is equipped with ECO PRO which allows you to save up to ten percent on your fuel consumption.  
  • Extra Features: With so many impressive features and a stunning design, the BMW X Series are ideal for tech-savvy drivers. The driver's seat itself is slightly elevated in this model in order to allow easy access to the dashboard.  
  • Lots of Space: The BMW X Series' seating design makes it a great choice for those travelling with a large amount of items. The foldable seating options allow you to choose whether to fill up the boot and hit the road, or take 5 people with you.

    360° View: BMW X Series Interior

    Rely on Sixt for your BMW X Series Rental Needs

    With numerous features to experiment with, the BMW X series is a technological haven, however its specs and pure ability to cope on all terrains appeal to the driving purist as well. Pick up the BMW X series yourself at Sixt rent a car and see for yourself. We can't guarantee you will drive away in a BMW X Series, but you will receive a similar hire car from your chosen category.