Sixt Car Hire Alumni Discount

Enjoy all the benefits graduate life brings you and receive up to 10% off your car hire booking with Sixt. Our special Alumni discount is available for those who have graduated University, and includes free rebooking and cancellations, third party insurance, and 300 inclusive miles per day.


Am I eligible for the Sixt Alumni Discount?

In order to claim our car hire discount you must:

  • Be an Alumni of a registered UK University
  • Be aged 21 or older
  • Have held your driver's licence for at least one year
Sixt Car Hire Alumni Discount 10% off

Why Choose Sixt for your car rental?

Affordable Prices

Our range of special deals and competitive offers, including our Graduates discount, means renting the ideal car for a trip or holiday is much cheaper than you'd expect.

High Quality Vehicles

At Sixt, our large fleet of diverse vehicles are regularly serviced and replaced with their newest models, meaning you always receive a premium rental experience.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Our friendly, helpful staff are always on hand to answer any questions, either in a branch nearby or via phone or contact form.

Large Rental Network

Our 120+ branches are present in every major city and airport across the UK. We have over 4,000 stations worldwide, so no matter where you go - Sixt will be there for you.

Roadside Protection

If you lose your keys, get stuck, run out of petrol or more, our 24 hour roadside protection covers you in case of minor accidents and gets you back on the road.

No Hidden Fees

Our service fees and charges, if any, are always transparent, and any restrictions are explained in person and online in our FAQs.

Save Money on Car Hire as a University Alumni

Life is exciting as a recent graduate, but making every penny count is as important than ever. Buying a car may be out of the question at the moment, but in order to remain mobile on a holiday or for visiting your Uni digs, a car rental can be the ideal option. Perhaps you're moving into your own house and require a van hire? The Sixt Alumni discount can be there to help you out. Find us in every major University city, such as Oxford, Cambridge and London to Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.