Flexible van hire in Southampton

Using SIXT for your van hire in Southampton will give you a variety of benefits. You can find our van hire locations in the centre of the city and at main transport hubs like Southampton Airport. You’ll have a wide range of models and sizes to choose from, so that you can hire the right van for the right amount of time. Hire a delivery van or a moving van, or a van with a low loader if you need to transport heavier items or business cargo. We can provide you with well-known brands like Ford and VW, and can take advantage of our flexible van hire periods. 

Small Van Hire

When you are looking to make a small move or pick up a piece of furniture, our small hire vans will do the job just right.

  • Example vehicle: Ford Transit Custom or similar
  • Loading space: 2.57 x  1.7 x 1.25 m
  • Payload: 852 kg
  • Euro Pallets: 2
  • Driver's age: from 21 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Medium Van Hire

If you are looking for more space and moving power, then our medium-sized hire vans are perfect.

  • Example Vehicle: Ford Transit 3.5T Large or similar
  • Loading space: 3.35 x 1.78 x 1.89 m
  • Payload: 1313 kg
  • Euro Pallets: 4
  • Driver's age: from 21 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Luton Van Hire

If you need serious power, size and performance consider hiring one of our large hire vans.

  • Example vehicle: Ford Transit 3.5 T Luton Box + taillift or similar
  • Loading space: 3.95 x 1.96 x 2.13 m
  • Euro Pallets: 6
  • Payload: 988 kg
  • Driver's age: from 25 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Medium Van Hire

With plenty of space, this truck is suitable for larger projects and still comfortable to drive.

  • Example Vehicle: VW Crafter 3.5T Extra Large or similar
  • Loading space: 4.22 x 1.78 x 2.03 m
  • Payload: 1111 kg
  • Euro Pallets: 5
  • Driver's age: from 23 years
  • Driving licence: B / 3 **

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Good to know when hiring a van in Southampton

What payment methods does SIXT accept for van hire?

We take most major credit card payments. For these models we can’t accept debit cards or cash. 

How many doors will my SIXT hire van have?

We offer the standard compact models with two doors in the front and seating for three people. Two back doors allow for easy loading at the rear. 

Are the sitting and the cargo areas separated?

Yes, passengers and cargo are separated by a partition in our smaller models. Our light trucks also have Luton boxes above the driver’s cabin. 

Where can I hire a van in Southampton?

What are the benefits of hiring a van in Southampton?

Late-model comfort features

Our hire van fleet contains the latest models from top brands. We replace and replenish it regularly to ensure you always get up-to-date features.

Van hire for younger drivers

We want to help you. Let us ease the burden by offering moving extras including straps, trollies, and a pack of other utensils aimed in assisting you. 

Corporate discounts

Corporate customers can get discounts for larger or more regular van hire orders. You can cost-effectively outsource all your van hire in Southampton to SIXT.

Flexible van hire periods

We offer small van for hire to drivers 21 years old and up. Our larger vehicles require you to be 23, but you don’t need to be over 25.

Find a van suitable for every need

  • Easily organise quick transport for small items - Van hire will take the hassle out of moving those small loads that don’t quite fit into a car, or are too awkward to put in the boot. You can book a compact transit van for these purposes. 
  • Get a flexible van fleet - With anything from a compact van to a 3.5 tonne hauler, you’ll be able to respond to cargo transport needs in a way that will give your business the extra agility to move different sized items on demand. 
  • Efficiently move heavy loads - Hire a larger van with a Luton box and extra load assistance at the back thanks to a tail lift. These models also have larger swing doors at the back for additional ease of loading.