Renault Van Hire

Renault Van Hire

Often you need to do the job yourself. Many can relate to having to move houses or flat and being under a lot of pressure to move big items in a specific amount of time. There are times where it’s not a huge amount of furniture, it’s only a short distance and the moving company is charging too much or simply isn't available. This is where hiring a van comes into play. With flexible schedules, added extras such as harnesses and racks and the best quality vehicles SIXT can ensure you get things where they need to go for affordable prices. The Renault vans come with all the engineering necessary to avoid any shifts in load while in transport and enough loading space to carry huge amounts of items at any size.  

Renault Models

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While you can organise others to take on the moving work SIXT Renault vans is incredibly convenient. Our smaller vans can be rented as young as 21 years old, something as large as the Renault Master as young as 25. Particularly with Renault you are given a lot of loading capacity along with latest driving technology to help the tyres grip on slippery road and easier hill starts. Our customer service team is there to help and with SIXT you get the added benefit of flexible timing, long-term van rentals price breaks and any extra equipment you might need.


Renault is a company born over two hundred and twenty years ago. It is a company of history, development and excellence that is now iconic, or at the very least, recognisable to most of the people on this planet. By 1914, sixteen years after their conception, they were known as ‘Taxi de la Marne’, the Taxi to the front, because of their crucial use as transport vehicles to the front line in World War I. By 1956 the company had broken the land speed record, by 1977 it was competing in Formula 1 and by 1985 had created the world’s first minivan. This is a versatile company that has exceled in every form of the automotive industry they have explored. At SIXT we proudly offer a range of their high-quality vehicles at many of our stations and are currently hiring Renault vans as well. We currently carry the Renault Master, which is in our truck category, a perfect vehicle for transporting large and heavy cargo long distance.