Mercedes-Benz Van Hire

When moving to a new house, it often makes more sense to rent a Mercedes-Benz van. Thanks to the generous loading space, many pieces of furniture and boxes can be stored without problems. At the same time, the vans are considerably smaller, which is a clear advantage over large trucks, especially in narrow streets or one-way streets typical in many cities and towns. Likewise, loading and unloading a van, even with larger furniture, is much more convenient than with a truck, since no loading ramps are necessary. Furthermore, a driving licence with at least a class C is required to operate a transporter, so you do not need to worry about finding a suitable driver or extra qualifications.

Mercedes-Benz Models

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Even if there isn’t an upcoming move, it is still necessary to rent a van with a lot of loading space from time to time, e.g. for moving a piece of furniture or other cargo. Say have bought a new sofa but find out the delivery comes at a high cost or the delivery time takes far too long. Here a something like the Mercedes Sprinter offers a great advantage: you are much more flexible with your transport and can transport your new piece home yourself. In contrast renting a transporter is often a much cheaper alternative that saves you time and money. 

Why rent a Mercedes Truck

The Mercedes-Benz brand set out to be a company of quality workmanship since its beginnings in 1926. They were soon highly regarded by the world over as soon as the 1930s. They have a range of vehicle types each of the highest qualities that are used in many industries. The company has marked themselves as one of the leading cars and other such vehicle makers in the luxury sectors. Mercedes-Benz is a recognisable brand not just in Europe but now all over the world. Thanks to its international production facilities, Mercedes-Benz has grown into a globally outstanding automotive group. Using the highest quality materials combined with timeless design, Mercedes-Benz has been able to assert itself successfully despite the many competing car manufacturers on the market - both with its vehicles private and commercial. At SIXT you can rent a selection of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles that meet your requirements including vans: perfect for moving or transport.