Moving Service. Securing the Load.

Keeping your load safe and secure – at all times!

Traffic announcements on radio frequently report on load items obstructing a road or motorway, and yet the importance of securing a load correctly is still widely underestimated. The responsibility any driver has vis-à-vis other road users as well as himself is great, and the fines or even prison sentences in respect of inadequately or not at all secured loads are equally severe.

During road transport, G-forces are created due to the frequent stopping and starting as well as when driving through bends that impact on the load. If the load is inadequately secured, then it will move or tip, roll backwards and forwards or even fall off. At the same time, the view of the driver must remain unobstructed at all times and must not be impeded by any of the transported items. Articles 22 and 23 of the German Highway Code (StVO) and Article 31 Item 2 of the German Highway Traffic Act (StVZO) clearly stipulate the liabilities and responsibilities of the person loading the vehicle, the driver and the vehicle owner.

Within the meaning of safety and security for all, we therefore recommend that you familiarise yourself with all the statutory und technical requirements prior to loading your van or truck. This includes being familiar with the type of material used for securing the load as well as actual capability of lashing straps etc. used.



Tips on how to secure a load safely – what to look out for when using lashing straps:

  • Check for correct GS Logo and TÜV mark;
  • LC value with details of tension force;
  • Tensioning strap fits the load tensioning rail;
  • Check strap is in perfect condition with no cuts, damage or wear and tear.

For reservations and further tips on the subject of securing a load, please contact our trained members of staff on +44 (0) 207 0 188233*.

At Sixt, you can purchase at an additional cost during the vehicle rental transaction online or directly at our rental locations lashing straps and lashing gear appropriate for the load securing devices fitted inside our vehicles. Furthermore, you will find optional extras such as furniture dollies and sack trucks which will facilitate lifting, moving, and loading items. Additional aids and packing materials such as moving boxes complete our offer and will turn you into a transport professional simply and easily.

Why should I secure my load?

  • You will protect yourself and others from accidents and injuries.
  • You will get your load safely and without damage to your destination.
  • Your van or truck remains free from damage, saving you insurance and repair costs.
  • You will avoid breaking the law and ending up paying high fines.

Book a van/truck now together with the appropriate load securing accessories online at Reservation or purchase it directly from one of our Sixt locations. We will be happy to advise you in more detail!

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