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Luxury car hire in Liverpool

Complete your trip to Liverpool with a premium car hire from SIXT. If you want a luxury car hire in Liverpool, or even sports car hire, we carry premium auto manufacturers. If you’re making a trip for a fun weekend away a coupe could make it even more exciting. See the sites and take in the shops behind the wheel of a premium Saloon, SUV, or Estate. We carry vehicles from some of the world’s leading brands like Audi, Land Rover, and Range Rover. 

Premium SUV

Land Rover and Range Rover are just some of the auto manufacturers we offer. These are perfect when you need room, engine power, and comfort.  

Stylish Saloon

Sleek and classy, enjoy Premium Saloons if you’re looking for a stylish choice of luxury car hire. Match comfort and style with this excellent choice.

Classy Estate

Premium Estate is the perfect choice if you’re looking for great handling, speed and extra boot space. Enjoy driving cars from Audi and Mercedes-Benz. 

Explore Liverpool with your luxury car hire

Luxury car hire in Liverpool will be the perfect addition to your trip. Explore everything that Liverpool has to offer with excellent vehicle choice and SIXT’s additional add-ons. If you’re heading away for a big weekend, consider something with style and space like a 4x4. If you simply want to turn heads as you visit the clubs and sites, spoil yourself with a sports model. An extra driver option to the booking will help sharing the drive. Also, don’t worry about losing your way by adding a sat-nav to your booking.   

Good to know when hiring a luxury car in Liverpool

How can I pay for my luxury vehicle?

You can pay for your luxury car hire with the use of internationally recognised credit cards. Cash payments aren’t accepted. 

Can I choose which model I get?

SIXT allows you to choose your specific type of model if you download the SIXT app. You can choose your vehicle even up to 30 minutes before picking up your hire!

What documents are needed to hire a luxury car?

In order to hire with us you will need to provide a valid driving licence, valid at your time of booking. In addition to this, you will also need to provide 2 proofs of address. 

Where can I rent a luxury car in Liverpool?

What are the benefits of hiring a luxury car in Liverpool?

Useful add-ons

Benefit from additional and useful add-ons to your booking. We have a range of options from car seats to protection plans.

Flexible hire periods

SIXT is extremely flexible. Consider a Leeds luxury car hire for both short and long-term periods. 

Delivery service

Save time at the airport by having your luxury dream vehicle delivered to your doorstep or alternatively, any location in Liverpool. 

Premium autos

Enjoy luxury with the choice of premium auto manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, and Range Rover. Each one new and exciting.

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