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Inspecting and reporting vehicle damage

New damage has been noted upon return of my rental vehicle, when I will be contacted about this? 

It is normal practice to notify you within 5 working days. However, delays can occur over busy periods and bank holidays. 


How will I be contacted? 

The initial notification will be sent via email and/or post. Please note that correspondence received via post is sent from our Headquarters in Germany and may show a German postmark. 


What happens if the vehicle is damaged during my rental period? 

If there is new damage that has occurred on the vehicle, this will be noted when the vehicle is returned and our claims team will review the case.


My rental vehicle has damage that is not noted on the Rental Contract, what should I do? 

Our vehicles should always be checked by our experienced Agents at our Corporate Branches, however, oversights can happen. If you have noticed damage on the vehicle that is not noted on your Rental Contract, please contact us on +44(0) 344 499 3399 as soon as possible, after the collection of your vehicle. For example, if it is dark when the vehicle is collected, please notify us the following morning. We must point out that failure to contact us within a reasonable amount of time, may result in the damage being attributed to your rental.
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