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Pet car hire

Are pets allowed in SIXT hire cars?

Yes, for when you are going on holiday or a long trip, SIXT allows you to bring along any pets in your hire car so that they don't get left behind. As long as you maintain the cleanliness of your rental car and clean up any mess, SIXT is more than happy to welcome you and your pets. Whether you are taking your dogs on a fun trip, your cat to the vet or any other domestic pet on a journey, pet friendly SIXT rent a car will make sure that all your four-legged friends get there safely. 

To prepare your rental car for whatever comes your way, SIXT offer you a fantastic selection of extras and services to provide you and your pet with a seamless journey. Perhaps a guaranteed sat nav can help you discover attractions and ensure that you and your pooch don't get lost. SIXT also includes many of their rental vehicles with unlimited mileage and LDW protection as standard, so you have peace of mind. Find out more about our additional upgrades for your pet car hire below.  


Tips for driving with your pet in a SIXT rental 

  • When driving with pets, you must make sure they are strapped into a safe position in the boot or in a transportation box if they are small. Leaving your pets loose can cause serious safety issues and a fine. 
  • Animals leaving Britain will need a microchip, pet passport and proof of anti-parasite treatment. Please bear these issues in mind if you are planning on going abroad with your furry friend. 
  • Always stop off after a couple of hours of driving for a nice stretch and walk for both you and your pet. Keeping water and snacks handy is also advisable but make sure the pet doesn't over-eat. 
  • Never leave your pet in a parked car. Cars can heat up incredibly fast during the day and can cause your dog to have heatstroke. Cold temperatures in winter can be just as life threatening. 
  • Please make sure to thoroughly clean your hire car and rid it of lingering pet hair. Ensure your SIXT hire car is vacuumed and fresh for the next driver or cleaning charges may occur.  

Choose the ideal vehicle for your pet 

Any long-distance journey with your furry friends is made comfortable and relaxing in one of our high-quality hire cars and you can choose from a selection of versatile categories from economy and 4x4 to minibuses and people carriers. Our flexible rental durations mean you can choose the ideal vehicle for the ideal amount of time. With SIXT you can easily take your dog on a fun day out or on a month vacation abroad. With car hire stations situated all across the UK, including all major cities, towns, airports and train stations and many more across the world, SIXT will be there for you both.  


Bring your pets along with you in a SIXT car hire 

When you can't leave your dog, cat, birds or small pets behind on a long trip, SIXT offer you the chance to bring them along in a reliable pet friendly SIXT car hire. Take them on a fun family holiday and have unforgettable memories with your beloved animal but please make sure to thoroughly clean the vehicle before handing it back to your SIXT rental branch of choice. SIXT offers you a stress-free rental experience, even when you choose to take your pet on your travels. Expect a large selection of convenient locations, plenty of great deals, excellent customer services and a huge fleet of high-quality car hires.
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