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Loyalty programme details

Does SIXT offer a bonus or loyalty scheme? 

Yes, SIXT operate a bonus/loyalty scheme, whereby we issue SIXT Express cards. 


How can I find out information about your bonus / loyalty scheme? 

You can visit our loyalty card page to find out more or request your own. 


What are SIXT Express cards? 

There are bonus scheme or loyalty cards, which are issued, or available to a new SIXT customer or an existing SIXT customer, depending on how many rentals they have had within a 12-month period. 


How can I apply for a SIXT Express card? 

A SIXT Express card will be automatically sent out to you, once your first rental with SIXT has been completed. 


Where can I use the SIXT Express card or any of the loyalty cards? 

They can be used in as many as 75 countries worldwide. 


How much does a SIXT Express card or any of the loyalty cards cost? 

All SIXT cards are free of charge and very easy to use. 


What discounts or benefits does the SIXT Express card offer? 

The benefit for you as the customer is that we will have your relevant details on record, which will enable us to speed up the checking in process at the start of your rental, meaning: 
  • No rental formalities (your personal data is stored behind the card. 
  • Minimal waiting time at the arrival location and easy payment (your stored credit card details on the card). 
  • Collectable miles with our Airline Partners. 
  • Collectable points with our Hotel Partners. 
The SIXT Express Card does not offer any discounts or upgrade, however if you have a membership with one of our Partner programmes, then you may receive a discount of up to 10%. 
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