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Deposits and approvals

How much car rental deposit do I have to pay?


For payment with Debit Cards: The minimum deposit of £300.00 plus the cost of the rental and all additional charges is required. The deposit amount is immediately debited from the cardholder's bank account and is held by us until the Rental Agreement is terminated and all rental charges are cleared. 

For payment with Credit Cards: The minimum approval amount for credit cards is 300.00 GBP and is dependent on the vehicle group. The amount is not immediately debited but held on the cardholder's bank account until the final rental charge amount has been debited. When the vehicle is returned, the invoiced amount will be charged to the credit card provided. 


What is the difference between a deposit and approval?


An approval is an amount held on your credit card. Minimum of £300 + rental charges and shows as a pending transaction on your credit card. Deposits are taken from Debit cards and is minimum £300 along with the full rental cost and will be reimbursed following completion of the hire. 


How long does it take for my deposit/approval to reach my account?


This is dependent on your bank. The time varies for different banks. 

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