Student Offers - Frequently Asked Questions for UK Rentals

Do you offer a student discount?

Yes, we offer a discount of up to 5% for students that hold a valid NUS (National Union of Students) card.

What is the eligibility criterion for student discount?

You need a valid NUS card/account & you must book online only: to claim the discount.

How do we claim for a student discount?

When you book a rental via the link available on the NUS website:

Do I need to show proof of student status before I book my rental?

No, but you must present your valid NUS card at the time of collection of the vehicle.

Will the student discount be deducted at the end of my rental, on my invoice or when I pay?

No, the student discount will have been applied and deducted already off the price displayed on the NHS website link:

What is the minimum age for a student to rent / hire a vehicle?

21 years of age & for vehicle group ECMR or 'Group A' vans at selected corporate branch locations only - in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. 

Can an additional / second driver be added to my rental booking?

Yes & a Young Driver's surcharge will apply. This is a fee to cover the cost of adding a second driver to your rental.

Does the additional / second driver have to also be a student for me - the main driver to claim a student discount on my rental booking?

No, but a Young Drivers surcharge may apply depending on the second driver's age.

What do I need to bring when upon collection of my rental vehicle?

  • Your valid NUS card
  • Your/main drivers 2 parts -plastic & paper copy of a valid (held for 12 months) driver's licence.
  • A credit card in your name (driver's name).

Can I use a separate discount in addition to my student discount?

No, you can only use 1 discount per rental booking.

Please note: If your rental is for a destination outside of the UK please refer to the FAQs for that particular country.

Please note: The FAQs within this section refer only to England, Wales and Scotland. For rental FAQs within Northern Ireland or any other country outside of the UK, please refer to the rental information page and select your destination country within the drop-down menu.

Breakdown Assistance: Telephone Number: +44 (0) 344 4 993399

Please note there will be no service charge for calling this number, only landline cost applies.