Offences for German Cars - Frequently Asked Questions for UK Rentals

Who is liable for penalties during my rental?

In accordance with the Sixt general terms and conditions (Section 1.3) you as the vehicle hirer are fully liable for all costs and penalties incurred in consequence of traffic and order violations. We forward the details of the lessee to the relevant authority accordingly. The general terms and conditions were accepted by you when signing the rental agreement.

Does Sixt charge an administration fee for handling my penalty?

In accordance with the Sixt general terms and conditions we charge an administration fee. You receive a copy of the processing inquiries from the authorities as well as our correspondence.

Why does Sixt charge this administration fee?

The fee charged is an administration fee for the processing of a traffic violation during your hire period. We do receive several miscellaneous inquiries of the authorities. Therefore an automation of the handling is limited permitted. In most cases the data has to be researched individually.

This handling is time and cost-intensive. Unfortunately we have to pass the additional costs incurred to the responsible party.

We agreed not to included these administrative costs in our pricing in order to guarantee our affordable rates. The amount of the administration fee does not depend on the amount of the penalty.

Is the penalty included in the administration fee or do I have to pay it separately?

Please pay the penalty directly to the authority according to the correspondence received. Sixt will not pay your penalty.

How can I find out if a penalty exists for my rental?

The information regarding penalties is available in your personal customer profile. You can view them by logging in into your account with your username and your password. Please use the following link ( authority inquiries are registered to your rental agreements.

Is it possible to avoid the administration fee by informing Sixt in advance about a penalty?

We are pleased to receive your information. However, this does not reduce the work, which we have by handling the authorities’ inquiry. We kindly ask for your understanding that the administration fee will be charged nevertheless.

I received an invoice for a penalty even though I had already returned the vehicle at the Sixt branch before the time of the traffic violation.

Most of our branches have sufficient parking spaces available. If you do not park the rented car correctly, you may receive a penalty. Sixt pays these penalties and charges the previous lessee for the penalty plus the administration fee.

I didn't cause the penalty as I only paid for the rental. Do I have to pay the penalty and the administration fee anyhow?

Please inform the authority, if the driver's name differs from the lessee's name. The administration fee will automatically be billed to the lessee and has to be paid to Sixt. It doesn't matter who processes the transfer of the amount claimed. A separate letter will not be sent to the responsible party.

I didn't cause the penalty as the car has never been at the location. With whom do I have to get in contact?

Please address your objection to the relevant authority. If your objection is accepted we will cancel our administration fee.

I received an AnonymverfĂĽgung (anonymous disposal) from you. What is that? What do I have to do?

During your rental a traffic violation has been caused with the rented car in Austria. According to the Austrian law there is the possibility to pay the traffic fine anonymous. In this case we do not provide the lessee's details to the authority and send the anonymous disposal as well as the administration fee to the lessee.

Please settle the amount due as per the anonymous disposal within the time limit directly to the Austrian authority in order to avoid further inquiries.

Further, the administration fee has to be paid to Sixt directly.

I received an invoice from Sixt for a toll.

The car has been used in Austria during your rental.

Every toll road is marked with information signs informing about the toll.

In accordance with the Austrian toll law, article 19, paragraph 4, we as the keeper are obliged to pay this penalty. If the penalty is not paid, proceedings are initiated against the vehicle keeper. In order to avoid these proceedings we pay the penalty and pass it on to the responsible lessee together with our administration fee.

This is to ensure that our lessees do not have problems at the toll plazas if they drive to Austria resulting in any pay toll charges to our lessees caused by previous lessees. We charge the method of payment used for the rental.

The company "ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH" charges Sixt for the toll as well, if you do not provide the required documents to the ASFINAG.

When you paid the toll you were advised that you have to send the vehicle registration certificate (which is available in the car) within 14 days to the "ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH".

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