Claims and Damages

If you've been involved in an accident while driving a Sixt rental, or are simply worried about what you're liable for, these FAQs should answer any question you may have. It's always important to contact as soon as possible if the car rental is damaged, or has damaged another vehicle, to make sure we can start working on solving any issues as soon as they arise. If we were unable to answer your question on this page, please contact our helpful customer service team here who will be happy to help.

What are the Commercial Claims Department’s opening times?

Monday to Friday 08:30-17:30, excluding Bank Holidays (BH’s).

New damage has been noted upon return of my rental vehicle, when I will be contacted about this?

It is normal practice to notify you within 5 working days. However, delays can occur over busy periods and BH’s.

How will I be contacted?

The initial notification will be sent via email and/or post. Please note that correspondence received via post is sent from our Headquarters in Germany, and may show a German postmark.

I have a complaint/dispute to raise regarding a damage claim, how can I do this?

We take all complaints and disputes very seriously, and will always welcome feedback on the service received or the processes we use. In order to keep a record and track of such, we do ask that all complaints/disputes are submitted in writing, either by email or post, using the following details:

Email: [email protected]

Sixt Rent a Car

Commercial Claims Department
Durrant House
47 Holywell Street
S41 7SJ

*Please remember to reference the damage number*

What if I need to need to speak with someone and cannot e-mail/write?

You can contact the UK Commercial Claims team via telephone also:  +44(0) 1246 506264

I have been involved in an accident, what should I do?

What to do in the event of an accident is shown on your Rental Contract. We do also have stickers in our newer fleet of vehicles and fobs attached to all keys. If you do not have your Rental Contract to hand, or are not with the vehicle, the accident must be reported to our Accident/Breakdown Assistance Line within 12 hours of occurrence. 

Please call +44(0) 344 499 3399 and follow the relevant options.

What should I do if I cause damage to another vehicle?

Please call +44(0) 0344 499 3399 and report the incident to us, as soon as it happens. We do offer Third Party Intervention (TPI) which enables us to repair another vehicle or provide a replacement. Further information can be obtained from [email protected].

I am unsure what my Excess amount is, how do I find out?

No, any damage to the glass or tires is the responsibility of the renter. However, SIXT does offer additional protections for these items. More information can be found here

Is glass and tyre damage covered as wear and tear?

No, each area of damage to our vehicles is charged back to the renter. However, if a tyre does become damaged and the tread depth has reached our wear and tear limit, no charges will be passed to the customer.

Sixt do offer an additional product called Glass Cover and purchasing this will mean you are not liable for any glass damage caused to our vehicle during your rental period. Exclusions apply, please check our Terms and Conditions.

I have an issue with my rental vehicle, who can I contact?

There should be a sticker found inside the vehicle which displays the number to call if you experience issues with the vehicle. Alternatively, the same number will be found on the key fob.

My rental vehicle has damage that is not noted on the Rental Contract, what should I do?

Our vehicles should always be checked by our experienced Agents at our Corporate Branches, however, oversights can happen.If you have noticed damage on the vehicle that is not noted on your Rental Contract, please contact us on +44(0) 344 499 3399 as soon as possible, after the collection of your vehicle. For example, if it is dark when the vehicle is collected, please notify us the following morning. We must point out that failure to contact us within a reasonable amount of time, may result in the damage being attributed to your rental.

Can I repair my rental vehicle?

No, our vehicles should not be repaired by Renters. We have our own authorised repairers.

How do I find out the fuel type of my rental vehicle?

Normally, stickers are placed on to the fuel caps, to advise you of the fuel type. However, if this is not the case on your rental vehicle, please call +44 (0)344 499 3399 before refuelling.If you believe you have refuelled the vehicle incorrectly, do not drive the vehicle, as this is likely to cause further damage, creating a greater cost to rectify. It is imperative that it is reported to us on the number above. Please be aware that the incorrect refuelling of our vehicles is excluded from your Excess, and the full amount may be charged to you.

Will I be charged an Administration Fee for any damage handled?

Yes, all damage claims are subject to a reasonable administration fee. The administration fee applied is determined by the invoice amount (these may be subject to change at times of our review).