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Car Hire with Winter Tyres

Driving in snowy or icy conditions can be difficult, even for the most experienced drivers. This is why Sixt offers winter tyres readily equipped on our car hires for all relevant locations and seasons. If you're visiting Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France or any other top winter destination for skiing or otherwise, our rentals with winter tyres will ensure you're safe and sound driving on those icy mountain roads. Hoping to transport your skis too? Sixt also offers you to include magnetic ski racks for your car rental.

Sixt Car Hire with Winter Tyres

Drive Safe with Winter Equipment for your Car Rental

Snow tyres are essential for safe driving in winter, but are only required for harsh conditions which is why they are unavailable (for your rental) in the UK but common in Alpine European destinations. It's worth noting that in many parts of Europe, they are a legal requirement. For example in Finland, Latvia and Estonia, winter tyres are mandatory within a certain time frame, and in Germany and Austria all vehicles must be fitted with winter tyres in wintry conditions. Unlike summer tyres, winter tyres - or snow tyres - don't harden in cold weather, so the road grip is much better.

How to Book a Car with Winter Tires

Unlike our other optional upgrades like snow chains (for even harsher weather!) and ski racks, our snow tyres come as standard when they are required by local driving laws. To make sure you're renting a vehicle with winter tyres, when selecting your car online you will see beside the car if they are included. Should they not be fitted already, please request and our staff will be sure to meet your needs.