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Car Hire with Unlimited Mileage

Especially when you're on holiday or staying in a place where public transport is not accessible or is unreliable, a car hire often is the best option for travel and getting around. We have car rental stations conveniently located all over the world and have staked our claim in most major cities and airports to ensure that our affordable rental services are there where you need them. To improve the flexibility and value of our service we also offer the option of car rental with unlimited miles. Unlimited mileage is an option offered by Sixt which allows you to take the maximum advantage of your car hire. With unlimited mileage you can drive for as long as you want without paying any additional fees. Most of our Sixt rent a car stations now offer unlimited miles as a standard feature. 

Unlimited Mileage Car Hire with Sixt

Travel to your heart's content with unlimited miles

 When you opt in for unlimited mileage with your Sixt car hire, a whole new world of possibilities and experiences are available to you. Without restrictions or worries about exceeding your mileage limit, you can truly explore and spread your travelling wings. With your car hire you can travel freely throughout the UK or even do something a little bit more adventurous, such as driving from London to Paris! No matter what changes happen to your travel plans or whatever gets thrown your way, you can adapt freely with unlimited mileage from Sixt. If you are required to travel further than you originally planned, or simply wish to explore further afield, there will be no worries about exceeding your mileage allowance!  

Expand your horizons with unlimited mileage car hire

Using a car hire means you can plan your day to suit your needs, without having to be in a certain place at a certain time. If you wish to spend longer at a particular attraction, a rental car gives you the ability to do so; if you feel like a lazy day or altering your itinerary, having your own transport makes this an easy and effortless process. Rather than becoming a time-consuming and stressful part of the holiday experience, getting from A to B is transformed into an exciting and memorable pleasure when you are able to take advantage of an unlimited mileage car rental package.


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