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Car Hire in Rinas, Albania

If you require car hire and Rinas Airport is your next stop, visit Sixt car rental. Choose to rent a car from Sixt and you will be able to access our full range of modern cars and vans. Whether you're looking for an estate car, automatic, economy car, 4x4 or convertible for Albanian travel, you will find your vehicle waiting for you at Rinas Airport when you book car hire with us. With 24/7 pick up and return, our car hire service in Rinas could not be more convenient for you.

Car Hire in Rinas, Albania
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 About Rinas Airport

About Rinas Airport

Rinas Airport (TIA) is also known as Tirana International Airport or by its full name: Tirana International Airport (Nene Tereza). It was named in honour of Mother Teresa in 2001, but the airport is most commonly known as Tirana Airport because of its location. It is located in Rinas, a small village, approximately 7 miles from the capital city of Tirana. It is the country's only international airport, so if you're planning to do any extensive travelling in Albania then car hire is ideal. A cheap car hired from the airport will enable you to explore Tirana at leisure and also give you the means to travel in comfort to other regions of Albania.

 Things to See and Do in Albania

Things to See and Do in Albania

With the Sixt car hire service, you can travel to most of Tirana's attractions at leisure. Visit the iconic Clock Tower in Skanderbeg Square, a symbol of Tirana and one of the oldest buildings in the city. The National Historic Museum is also in the centre of the city and worth a visit if you want to find out more about Albania's history. A number of castles are present in suburban Tirana including Petrela Castle and Preze Castle, both of which can be easily accessed with car rental. If you'd like to visit some coastal retreats, hire a car and visit Lalzit Bay Beach or General's Beach. Car hire makes day trips to these coastal resorts much simpler.