Car Hire Categories - ACRISS Code Explained

SIXT wants to help you confidently choose the right rent a car by better understanding the ACRISS car rental code system. Knowing what car code letters mean provides you with a clearer idea of the vehicle class and characteristics of any model. Feel more certain that your car rental will meet your expectations and your requirements with our guide to the ACRISS rental car classification codes.

What are ACRISS codes?

ACRISS codes (created by the Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards) are used to categorise rental vehicles, depending on certain characteristics they have. It helps to cluster a set of similar cars, so that in the event a specific model is not available, we are able to offer you a similar vehicle from the same category. Here at Sixt we have a comprehensive set of categories, including compact / saloons, 4x4s / SUVs, people carriers, luxury cars and vans.

Composition of ACRISS Codes

The ACRISS Code consists of 4 letters - each defining a vehicle characteristic.

  • First Letter: refers to the general vehicle category, e.g. Economy, Premium
  • Second Letter: represents the actual vehicle type, e.g. Convertible, 5-Door
  • Third Letter: states the transmission and drive, e.g. Manual or Automatic
  • Fourth letter: provides information about special features a vehicle might have, e.g. Petrol, Air Conditioning

Each ACRISS Letter Explained:

1st Letter: Category 2nd Letter: Body Type 3rd Letter: Drive Type 4th Letter: Fuel & Air Con
M = Mini B = 2-3 Door M = Manual (unspecified drive) R = Air Conditioning
E = Economy C = 2-4 Door A = Automatic (unspecified drive) N = No Air Conditioning
C = Compact D = 4-5 Door   H = Hybrid
I = Intermediate W = Wagon/Estate   L= LPG
S = Standard V = Passenger Van   X = Ethanol
F = Fullsize L = Limousine    
P = Premium S = Sport    
L = Luxury T = Convertible    
X = Special F = SUV    
  J = Open Air All Terrain    
  X = Special    
  P = Pickup (regular cab)    
  Z = Special Offer Car    

Some of our Most Popular ACRISS Groups

ECMR (Economy)

e.g. Peugeot 208, Vauxhall Corsa

PDAR (Premium Sedan)

e.g. BMW 520, Mercedes-Benz E220, Audi A5

PFAR (Premium SUV)

e.g. Mercedes-Benz GLC200 Coupé, Range Rover Evoque

Fleet Overview

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