Moving Service. Driving Tips for Novices.

Where driving is concerned, we all think of ourselves as real pros. However, when driving a van or even a Sixt truck, some tips may not go amiss.

For novices, driving a larger commercial vehicle can be quite strange. The vehicles are larger and wider, starting and stopping the vehicle is different to that of a passenger vehicle, and in addition driving through bends can generate G-forces that affect the load. If the load is not sufficiently well secured, it can move or topple over, roll backwards and forwards or even fall off.

8 General Tips for a Safe Journey:

1. TIMING. Allow enough time and ask the Sixt members of staff to explain how to operate the Sixt truck or van.

2. WARNING. As a Sixt truck driver, please observe lane and route restrictions as well as speed limits. Be aware of the longer length of your van or truck when changing lanes – always remember that there are blind spots.

3. DRIVING. Drive a few trial rounds around a car park in a quieter area.

4. SIZE. Always bear the larger dimensions of your van or truck in mind – in particular height and width. This is particularly important when driving through underpasses, narrow roads etc.

5. DISTANCE. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, as vans and trucks require a longer braking distance.

6. SPEED. Please take care when driving through bends and reduce your speed.

7. PARKING. lease allow a third person to help with hand signals. Important note: Make sure you agree on hand signals in advance in order to avoid confusion and use your wing mirrors. This is particularly important when turning, parking and reversing.

8. ENVIRONMENT. lease turn the engine off whenever feasible.

Putting the right fuel into your rental van or truck

What to do in the event of an accident

Be an eco-manager – even when driving a van

Technical Tips

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